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  1. Ottertailguy,If you are getting new steel doors do what is stated above execpt after you sand,wipe them with a paint deglosser.
  2. They can be repainted,what I would do is give them a light sand,clean them with soilex or dirtex with a sponge use a brush to cut in around the panels and roll the face and the rails also roll into what was cut in to keep the same texture, when that is done raise the door to get the side rails that were behind the weather strip.I would also recomend using a 1/2 nap roller and A quality satin paint.
  3. It was A quote for pads only,from the place in buffalo.
  4. halfnutz, I agree i looked into oem parts they were 190 a set for the pads alone.so at this time that was to steep for me.
  5. I have a 2002 chev 2500 hd with 127,000 miles on the original front pads & rotors.I need to do the brakes,any recommendation's on pads?
  6. I have A 02 silverado 2500hd.I get 12 mpg unless im pulling something heavy then it does drop to 9 or 10 mpg.In my opion the 6.0 is the best gas motor around.
  7. My wifes trailblazer,2004,6cyl with 96,000 on it,has this code on it as well as the service engine light,it states- secondary air injection malfunction.I was told this could pertain to several parts.I was wondering if there was a common problem with this year or code.Thanks for any info.
  8. Speaking as A painter,here is what I would do.sand everything with 100 grit paper or sanding sponges ,vacuum and wipe it with a deglosser , use a quality oil based primer like kilz ,after primer dries give a quick sand,clean and topcoat
  9. I have some time off work,thought I would do A small projcet to kill time(bathroom remodel).here's what I have run into 1 -ceiling fan,shut off power to bathroom,killed bar light,2 outlets in grt. rm.& office light.I have now gone through entire basement and still cannot figure whats what. 2 no shut off valves for shower.3 some plates on floor,some 2x4 screwed to floor,all not treated.4 shower balanced on a 2x6.5 old fan hung by coat hangers.After all of that i kept my cool,what killed me is i started hanging the lid,noticed wet insulation,there was no flashing between deck & house.now that i have vented im going back to work.I would like to hear other nightmare remolding stories,so post away.P.S I should have just hit the ice!
  10. Thanks for the tips,what worked best for me was A 4" wallpaper scraper.
  11. I have been very happy with lutz cutz in hugo.Also bought the pig through them.
  12. I'm putting tile in my basement bathroom and need to remove the existing vinyl floor,any tips for getting the backing and glue up?
  13. Heggies is the best frozen pizza I have come across.Little jax on 19 &55 in loretto sells them
  14. patti, the prouduct you are looking for is called spread stone or spread rock. Hirshfields in edina carries it.I did A class on it last winter, seem's to be fairly durable,although I would'nt do any cutting or set anything hot on it.
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