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  1. You might want to consider using surface mounted tail lights rather than the stud mounted variety. It's just a matter of time 'til ya munch one and the stud mounts are a pain to change out.
  2. auto trim plugs work very nicely. When I've built rods for my kids and grandsons, I just epoxy the hole closed and epoxy on an Indian head penney that 100 years older than they are. Especially with the young ones, it minimizes the fights over who's rod is who's.
  3. I decided that I didn't quite like the high profile of the faucet washer, so I rigged up a jig that lets me sand off the untapered portion of the washer. Just a 1/2" hole drilled into an oak board with a Forstner bit, maybe 1/2" deep. A little fine grout in the bottom of the hole, a layer of plastic wrap to prevent bonding and then set the washer to the desired depth. Let it set up, pull the washer and plastic wrap and then drop the washer back in. An orbital sander makes short work of it.
  4. Same thing I was thinking. The washers fit nicely.
  5. for ice rods. Smallest I've seen on-line are 0.200 inches. I'm looking for something down to 0.17 or so. I have a few thoughts for making my own but wouldn't mind looking at something pre-fabricated. Any thoughts to share?
  6. Mike L

    fillet knife?

    Check out Custom Cutlery & Ironworks, in Iowa, on the web. An outstanding knife.
  7. A larger scale version is what us old fart have used for years to heat water at deer camp.
  8. Mike L

    smell in shack

    Try some stuff called OdoBan. This summer, I had a leaking trash bag full of fish guts in the back of my Blazer. Did a number the carpet. I tried everything, but the only thing that worked was the OdoBan. Our veterinarian uses it for his facilities. They lent me their spray bottle, and it worked so well that I bought a gallon and a sprayer for both my kids. Sam's Club.
  9. I have the covers but have passed on the sleeves. A good banking job eliminates the need.
  10. I love building my own rods, both open water and ice. Got my start thru community ed at our high school. A pair of outstanding instructors. One thing that I've played with and am very happy with the results is rather than using epoxy on my guides threadwork is using U40 permagloss. I read a lot of bad on the St Croix ice rods, and I think that has a lot to do with workmanship rather the the blanks themselves. Look at the St Croix ice rods and avoid those with what looks to be an excess gob of epoxy at the tiptop wrap. A stress concentrator.
  11. hehehe. Red Lake River in Crookston is iced over this afternoon, bank to bank, sbove the dam.
  12. Paddy and Paul's in Crookston. Ya pay for what ya get, by the pound. Quite frankly, I've never heard of paying a flat fee, and I wouldn't patronize a place that charged that way.
  13. some day, some promoter will wise up and do one of these shows outstate and next to a real lake that's iced over. Maybe Bemidji?
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