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  1. Hello All, Looking for some method to remove a skunk from under my shed. Note this is at home in town so no shot guns or 22's to be used. Any info would be thankful. Neighbor is freaking out at me because they can't let there dogs out in the morning or evening due to stinky becoming a resident under my shed.
  2. I'm looking for a way to fix my walls. My living room walls are 1 X 6 T & G Pine. I had pictures up and when removed the pine is a different color. I'm in the process of selling my home and want to know if there is a way to blend or fix this. I have heard of a few different methods but would like some input. Thanks In advance.
  3. You have to be kidding me. To bad all infielders don't have the heart of Punto. The guy plays balls to the walls all the time. If he could only get that batting average up he would be a Gold glove without a doubt!!!
  4. colonel42

    Favre Timeline

    "Seniority" guys that is what it is called. My guess is the Viking's owners and coaches already know what he is doing. Seens to me if there was even a thought of him not playing they would have the smarts to draft or pick up another out of free agency. we can only pray that T-Jack is a bystander once again.
  5. since I'm already old I guess I can just say some young whipper-snapper got a lucky punch in while I whooped his five buddies. LOL
  6. Yah and I heard Bret Farvre got pulled over for a speed violation too. Only thing he was doing 15 MPH in a 55. You know how them old people drive.
  7. How come I can only see some of the avitar pictures. Very few picture on the trail cam shots. I can see the text but no pictures. I'm guessing I need something checked the IE/tools/internet options/advanced area?? Any help would be great. I miss seeing the pictures and having to read about the comments of the hunts.
  8. The real question is if "if's and but's were fruit and nuts my what a Christmas we would have!!! I honestely don't think there would be any questions asked. There would be more slams on Mr Farve!!! Since it was an awesome play though the questions can be played out. And the answers are we are now 3 and 0 with the next game against the slacker packers on MNF. I wonder if ol'Bret is dreaming of how the big guys across the line are going to treat his body on Monday. Good luck Bret I think you might need some body guards.
  9. Sunday I was wrong I readily admit it. I did not accept a viking when he was acquired. I did not like the team he came from. I thought the guy was not as good as the guy we already had. I really learned Sunday that sometimes other people know better than I do. Its hard to admit But with that win in the last 2 seconds I was won over. The athleticism that was shown shows that he is not washed up like people thought. Winning that game the way he did has shut me up so far. What can I say Welcome to the team Greg Lewis
  10. Just way to much stress in MN sports these days. Who will the Wild trade Harding for?? Three top Twins players are begging for infield help who will the Twins pick up??? Or not?? The Vikings will the Ex-Packer sign or not. The T-Wolves are trading like mad?? Everyday is a waiting game.
  11. I see they picked up a new back up goal tender and there was a comment about using Hardy as trade bait. Any one have inside info??
  12. The pop fly along with the two miss played throws from Punto. Short hops for a first basemen are 99.9% usually caught. Can't say he had a bad game though. At the beginning of the game I could tell it was going to be a long game!!! Heck by the second inning there were already twenty hit combined. Very fun game to watch!!! Glad I feel a sleep in the sixth inning. Sad to have to come to work and find out they lost on a crappy call. Oh well that is why they play so many games.
  13. Whatever!!!! With every single state around us is letting the hunters bait while hunting maybe we should be worried. Sounds like your the expert here. I was just stating what I had seen on TV. Do you honestly think these other states haven't looked into it. TB or CWD who know??? Like I said in my previous post I'm not a biologist!!! I was just quoting uncle Ted!!! I wonder what all the other states are doing to prevent TB or CWD while they let their hunters bait??? HMMMM Maybe their biologist are not as smart as ours. Wonder why bear baiting is allowed?? Bet a deer has never gone up to a bait pile and licked off a little snack. Maybe they put out a sign that says for bears only!!!
  14. Kind of funny now that I sit back and think about it. last weekend I was bored one evening waiting for the family to get ready for the fireworks to get going. I decided I will get my bow out and shoot. Got out the ladder and pulled the bow down from the attic. My 3D target was already set up so did a quick once over of the bow and ready it to shoot. Quick note: I live close to town. Really close in fact. 1/2 a mile from downtown. Any who I pulled my bow back and aimed at my target. I catch something off to my side so I let down. 20 feet from me and my dog here comes a spotted fawn running around my garage. I stood there in awe and the fawn stopped when she saw me. My golden is sitting looking at me and I'm talking to the dog so she wouldn't notice the fawn who was now 10' behind her. The fawn took off running the length of my yard and a couple of hops and she was over the road and into the neighbors yard. The dog never heard or seen the fawn. Wow I was happy. I pictured the dog on a mad chase that could have ended really bad. Any way all turned out good and was really fun to watch. Last night I pulled the bow out again and my first shot was dead on at 20 yds. The second shot was good too. Little to good. It ended up costing me about $20 for two arrow. A first time Robin Hood for me. Good carma is looking down at me. Look out big guy I'm only 2 months away from my favorite time of the year.
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