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  1. Do you check the oil when it's hot or cold? Also heard your supposed to keep oil on the bottom 2/3 of dipstick cross-hairs. Also. Seems like the power tilt/trim seems like it's lacking power lately. Heck. What kind of maintenance checklist do you guys have?
  2. Need an idea. I can't afford a winch system yet. I bought a cheap knob from an auto parts store. Way too flimsy and cheap. Would never work. I have a 2007 (?) Hewitt boat lift with the traditional wheel with spokes used for raising and lowering the lift. The spokes on the wheel do not have a hole where I could screw in a spinner knob. Ideas please.
  3. Lightning, Nice diagrams! I am going down to sand not to a dock but I do want to build a 4' wide seasonal dock like section that I could attach/remove (ice heave). The section (or 2) would cross 10-12' of sandy beach and then connect to my main dock. Allowing people to avoid the sand. Any ideas?
  4. Now I know why I post questions here. Great info. Could I position my 2x12 in place at the correct angle and then draw a straight horizontal line. That being my starting point. Then repeat the process all the way down my 2x12? What am I missing?
  5. I'm not a carpenter but want to try this. So please give advise as if I can't get a carpenter to help. I want to lay out and cut a stair stringer from the top of my hill down to the beach. It's about 7-9 feet high (haven't measured yet). My primary concern is getting the angle correct. Meaning that I don't want to make my cuts and then realize that my angle was off and now have to build a platform. Best Advise???
  6. Heard good deals at the sportsman show. Bought cabin on Mille Lacs NE corner. Shallow sand. 1. What style? 2. Canopy or not (windy on Mille lacs)? 3. What to buy / avoid? 4. Your 2 cents? By the way. How do you people put gas in their boats? Thanks
  7. It just doesn't make any sense. I couldn't imagine a scenario where everyone on the lake wouldn't come over and help. I hope someone that reads this web site knows these other guys and let's them know how we all feel about there non - actions. Very disappointed except for the actions of Cedarcreek. Well done and being that what comes around goes around, you've probably got some good Karma headed your way. On one hand Play the lottery on the other hand go hunting. I might just cash in...............on some good hunting. Good Luck.
  8. Project has been started and is going well. So far they look pretty sweet. The black and white really contrast well together. Here's a thought. I know that I'm not always the sharpest knife in the drawer but I'm also not the dullest either. I bought cans of the cheap spray paint at Wal Mart for $1 each and they worked pretty well. I think when I go into Gander I pay around $4 or $5 a can. Other than the quality level, is there any reason a guy wouldn't use the $1 stuff?
  9. Thinking about painting some old mallard decoys and making them into divers. I'm guessing I'll just go with two colors black and white. Instead of buying through Cabelas or Gander, can't I just go get something from Menards or something?
  10. Scary story but certainly a STRONG REMINDER to be careful. We hunted in eastern MN and where I think the winds were around 30 mph not 50. The night before I carefully scouted out a lake with an access and a spot on it's west side. We were able to stay away from the middle of the lake and we hunted the middle portion of a point that rose up into about a 30 foot tall hill directly behind us. It was pretty cool as we had calm water in front of us and we weren't bothered by the wind. The gusts would whip over head and then quickly funnel down (kind of like the snow fence effect) and it would make the deke's dance. Ended up with 1 ringbill and 1 bluebill both drakes. They came in together and were both awesome looking birds.
  11. I never seem to know where to clip my diver decoys. Do I clip in the front by the head or do I clip in the back by the butt when running a gang rig? Another question I have is when running a gang rig, do you guys wrap up the whole works and put it into a decoy bag or do you take the decoys off the mother line when you pick up? I've always taken decoys off the line for fear of a big mess .
  12. I want to make my own gang rig and was hoping you guys could help with a list of what I need to purchase as well as a diagram. I've heard I should make one that drops so that dogs, motors, etc. don't get caught it the line. Which line as well (don't want to buy something that floats)? Do you need the drop weights? It seems like the anchors will take care of that. Do you unclip the drop line from the mother line or from the decoy? Which creates the least amount of snarles?
  13. It's close to my house and there's a ton of water there so it's got to hold some birds. There are several towns very close to or located right on these lakes (Lindstrom, Chisago, Center City). Has anyone hunted right on these lakes (lindstrom, Green, South Center, etc.)? I know there are lots of homes and some cabins on all these lakes. Would you recommend hunting surrounding lakes that are a couple of miles out of town?
  14. My original plans fell through and now I need a plan. I'm trying to decide if I should go North, South, or West (I live close to Forest Lake so I'm already east). The problem is that I like pulling the boat, putting in, and firing up the motor. I like hunting lakes. I'm not asking for any honey holes but would like to here about some areas where there are SOME birds flying. The sky's seem pretty empty. Willing to drive a couple hours at least. What do you guys think?
  15. Ray, That's quite the bag. Don't want to internet scout but am curious if you were on the east, central or western part of the state. I've been hunting about an hour north of the cities on the east side and haven't seen much. Thanks.
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