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  1. I can usually find some bluegills in the summer but I have never tried this early. I am going out of St Croix bluffs between prescott and afton. Any general advice would be helpful.
  2. Hey everyone- I was just wondering if anyone knew of a (tent) campground that you can beach your boat right at your campsite in Minnesota or Wisconsin. I would like electrical hook-ups and my wife wants a shower. I know we used to keep our boat right at our campsite on Rock Lake near Breainerd but they don't have showers. Not as important but as long as I am being fussy a trout or muskie lake would make it perfect!!! Thanks!
  3. I freeze used 2 liter pop bottles filled with water for my food cooler. This keeps all of your food from getting soggy. We tend to drink a lot of beer when we are camping so I bring a food cooler and a seperate beverage cooler. I keep a couple frozen bottles in the beverage cooler along with cubes (I like really cold beer!) Echotrail has it right with the tupperware containers. I use one for kitchen stuff, one for misc. stuff and one for clothing. Have a great time!
  4. phishhead

    Camping spots

    Hey Everyone- I am trying to find a campground on a trout lake, prefferrably lake trout, that has electric hook-ups, bathrooms, and showers. I would really, really like to find a campsite that you can pull your boat right up to and keep it in the water the whole time. Anywhere in northern Minnesota or Wisconsin would work. I know I am being picky but I thought it was worth a shot! Thanks for any help!
  5. Stratosman- you should come down a night and make it 3. So what if you already tagged a deer - just come down for pig patrol!
  6. ...so if I do kill one I have to buy pork to mix with the pork to make pork sausage?
  7. I manage a bar and restaurant so I hear a lot of things that may or may not be true. One of our regular customers swears he heard "something from someone" about pigs running wild in Frontenac State Park. I can't find anything about the topic on the intermess so just wondering if anyone else heard anything about this. My uncle owns a lot of land bordering the state park so this is where I deer hunt. He told me that he has had areas of hay fields completely ripped up and said to please shoot them if I see them. Although it would be nice to have some free pork for making venison sausage, I was wondering if this was legal. I have a call into the DNR but have not heard back yet.
  8. Wondering if anyone has ownded any of these guns. I currently own a CVA Kodiak Magnum but found these guns on sale for pretty cheap. Would any of these be a step up from the Kodiak? Any reviews would be much appreciated!
  9. So I shot 3 boxes of the Federal Barnes Xpander tips yesterday and could not get any consistency. Thanks for the tip though Rum! I tried those because I always used to to shoot the Federal Vital shoks and they shot well. I tried the hornadys last year and I don't think I gave them much of chance because I was rushed. I guess it is between those and the lightfields. Any other advice???? Thanks everyone.
  10. I'm thinking about trying a different slug this year. I have been using Vital Shocks. I'm shooting a Rem. 870 with a rifled slug barrel and I would love to hear your opinion.
  11. I want to say I paid right around $40 for the peep sight. Williams model # WGRS-CVA round. Then I also bought a target aperture that I think might be too small for hunting. I'm hoping to get out this weekend and sight the gun in with the new sight. And yes, just search Williams gun sight company and they are under "Receiver Sights WGRS Series"
  12. 4 seasons in Red wing - they have a virtual hunting range and Backwoods archery in Newport.
  13. Yes it is fixed. I ordered the peep sight directly from Williams sight company. (I edited my original post- I put Weaver instead of Williams) They make one for the round and octagon barrels for quite a few different makes and models of muzzleloaders.
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