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  1. shamrock7

    Crestliner Hull Question

    Now to be fair, you probably should define "waves" I would say a wave would be 1/8" or more in say, 4' I was a Crestliner dealer for about 12 years until I sold the business. Crestliners should not have waves in the hull. From the outside, you will be able to see where the welds were done on the inside and you may have some minor unevenness at that point but not waves.
  2. shamrock7

    86 f250 plow truck issue

    Ground all the way. Try taking a jumper cable and just use one side of it. Jump from the negative battery cable to the engine block and see if it now starts. If so, bad battery connection or negative cable from battery to engine block.
  3. shamrock7

    Tracks for a 2000 Chevy tracker

    yup. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  4. shamrock7

    Tracks for a 2000 Chevy tracker

    I think these are designed for UTV's. Are the heavy duty enough to handle normal service on my Tracker?
  5. Anyone out there have any experience with the Mattracks Litefoot UR series tracks on a 2000 Chevy tracker 4 door?
  6. shamrock7

    Tips for getting sled started

    Just trying to help a guy out. A long time, well know snowmobile guy showed it to me 30 years ago and I have never seen any ill effects.
  7. shamrock7

    Tips for getting sled started

    When I have a stubborn starter, and it is really cold, and I know its the cold that is causing the problem, I simply take a jug of really hot tap water out and slowly pour it over the carbs. This works by getting the carbs a little warmer and thus the atomization of the fuel/air mixture works better. Simple trick and works every time. And "No" I have never had a problem with the water freezing anything up. Just runs on through and out the bottom of the frame.
  8. shamrock7

    Opening old holes with a Nils

    They open old holes just fine. Just set them on the ice gently. If you set the bit onto the ice with any carelessness, you will find that they will not cut well. Send it to Surface Tension and he will fix it up
  9. shamrock7

    Carb Cleaning Opinion Please Maybe Marine Man?

    Over 30 years in the marine business here. Not an expert on Yamaha but in my opinion, you do not have carburation problems. If your RPM's go up and your speed drops, you are cavitating, meaning your prop is slipping in the water. Have you tried a different prop? Is this a new boat to you? Has the engine height been changed? Is the cavitation plate even with or just a hair above the bottom of the boat? feel free to email me at one of the websites listed in the signature line
  10. shamrock7

    Outboard Motor help

    You probably have a 13 pitch prop on your 25 now. If so, find a used 11 pitch or someone that has a spare 11 pitch that you could try. The Merc 25's are hard to beat for trolling idle quality and ease of starting but you are pushing a fairly heavy boat for that motor. If by chance you already have an 11 pitch prop on it, than try a 9 pitch. Much cheaper to change a prop vs replacing the motor.
  11. Also along the line of high efficiency furnaces, watch your discharge pipe. In this cold weather, it is possible to start getting an ice buildup on the end of the pipe. If it closes off completely, your furnace will shut down. I'm going to check mine now. Thanks for the reminder
  12. Not a story, more of a philosophical question.....which makes it into the ice hole faster? A cell phone or a Gerber/Leatherman multi-tool? For me, they both go the same speed, slow motion, but they always get there.
  13. shamrock7

    Grinding noise when in gear

    It is just the clutch dogs ratcheting over. Nothing to worry about. Some have straight cut teeth and some are ramped. If it was a straight cut, it won't ratchet. As stated by Surface Tension, not a good practice. With the engine not running, (exhaust not coming out the exhaust, you could get water up into the cylinders if you are going fast enough when you shut it down.
  14. shamrock7

    Prop Cavitation

    The erosion is caused by the water boiling as it goes over the blade. Yes, boiling. The increase in pressure allows the water to boil as it passes over the blade. The anti-ventilation ring on most props slows the flow of water enough to reduce or eliminate this problem. Is your ring in place? If not, get it replaced. If not.....not sure what you can do, maybe try changing your trim angle a little. But a new prop will not likely fix the issue.
  15. shamrock7

    Gas Condensation on Tank

    I doubt the dampness if fuel as it would probably evaporate quickly if it was gas. I would suspect that you fuel odor is coming from a bad filler hose or vent line or fuel line. On a 22 year old boat, they all have seen better days, especially if they have been exposed to ethanol blended fuels. If you can see them, they shouldn't be too hard to replace. Expect to pay around $10 per ft of the big filler hose. But don't scrimp on this either. To test you fuel gauge, with a 12 volt test light, and the ignition turned on, you should have 12 volts at the pink wire on the sender. ( also better verify that the grounds are good on the sender also) If so, replace the sender. If not, replace the fuel gauge after verifying that it is has power to it.