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  1. Simple and quick: Mix equal parts Miracle whip and sour cream with enough diced onion and pickle to get desired consistency.
  2. The original way I learned to cook pheasant was a variation on Ryan's recipe: Marinate pheasant in italian dressing. The vinegar gives it a little different flavor combination. I have also had good luck with teriyaki based marinades. His recipe can't go wrong as long as you dont burn the bacon (and therefore the pheasant).
  3. forgot to mention, high starch white flesh potatoes like russetts work best.
  4. I have had best luck with precooked potatoes. First boil potatoes (skin on or off, your choice) in salt water. Let them cool in fridge. Then grate and fry in butter and oil. I use more butter than oil. Salt and pepper to taste.
  5. I make my venison/pork breakfast sausage with Hi Mountain seasonings. I have mixed 50/50 ven/pork shoulder, as well as 70/30, 75/25 ven/pork fat. All are good. I used to buy at Sportsman's Warehouse for about $4-$5 per mix which makes 24#. I have tried original and prairie sage and both are great. Sportsman's in Coon Rapids is out but I know you can order on their HSOforum. I have not found these mixes anywhere else. They are much cheaper than many other seasoning mixes. Great sausage without having to have all of the ingredients on hand. When I first tried sausage making I would always end up not having all ingredients on hand for the recipe and trying small substitutions, with varying results. Now using the premade mix it comes out perfect each and every time...
  6. That sounds very tasty. Sounds like it would also work well with a venison roast...I may have to attempt that. Thanks.
  7. Can you tell me a good recipe for canning any of the above? I have started canning recently and have all necessary equipment to do the canning, but have yet to try canning meat. I have had good success with broth and soup. Thank you.
  8. I tried using my Prime Rib recipe on roast beef. Huge success. I took a 5-6# roast ($3 a pound, cheap meat) from Costco. I took some Teriaki (sp?), olive oil, and a lil bit of red wine and rubbed it down. Then coated liberally with favorite spices. I used salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and montreal steak seasoning. After leaving in refrigerator loosly covered overnight, cook in 370 degree oven for one hour. Turn heat off. Four hours later take roast out of oven. Preheat to 370 degrees. Pour 2 cups of red wine (or beef broth) to deglaze pan. Cook for 30 min. Let rest and cool then slice as thin as possible. Best roast beef sandwich in a long time. Pan drippings were dynamite aus jus. Had to share. Meat comes out beautiful medium rare every time. Does anyone else have a good lunch meat roast beef recipe? Thanks
  9. My hand auger is a 4.5 inch Nils and it works great for a vex hole. I can drill quicker with that than with any power auger I have used. If you have got the space to carry it along I highly recommend using it. I use mine for a vex hole, to check ice depth, as well as to fish out of when the ice isn't too thick.
  10. I just want to second the great service at D-Rock. A few years ago I bought a used Strikemaster and it blew a piston after a bit of use. I brought it there and it was around $100 for the parts and they only charged $20 for labor to install a new shortblock, including a tuneup and a couple other parts.
  11. Ive also used the kits for summer sausage. Haven't tried the snack snicks yet. For summer sausage I've tried Hi Mountain, which was about $15 at Gander, and makes 30#. I made a batch with venison/beef and one with venison pork. Both turned out great. Follow the directions and made the sausages in 3# rolls. I smoked in a Lil Chief electric smoker for about 3-4 hours of smoke (apple chips) and finished off in oven bringing internal temp above 160. My smoker wouldn't bring up to temp so I had to finish in oven. So far everyone who has tried the result was very impressed. Good luck.
  12. I tried ribs for the first time last year and they were worth the effort. I made them this year while butchering a small doe and they turned out great. I seasoned with Tony Chacheres creole seasoning, threw them in a 200 degree oven for 4 or 5 hours and basted with BBQ sauce for the last hour. All of the fat comes right off and the meat tastes excellent, juicy and tender.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I went to a couple of different places and shot Hoyt, Matthews, Browning, Fred Bear, and Bowtech, and purchased a Bowtech. Im on my way out now to go play at the range.
  14. I am thinking about bowhunting this year for the first time. I'm looking for suggestions on what to look for in getting a bow. My experience with bows has been very limited. What should I look for so when I buy a new bow I dont decide in a year that I need a new one because mine is lacking? Thanks--DeadMoose
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