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  1. Clam grey canvas rod locker was in my covered sled. Somehow fell out or we left it at buckshot entry. I feel like dump about it. We were fishing at the basin. Two of the rods were gifts from my wife, would hate to loose them. I gave my number to Sportsman's Cove in Webster and the bait shop in Grenville. Willing to give a cash reward if found. Thanks guys.
  2. Oh. HSOList. I get it. One just posted. $40 bucks. Geez. Couldn't sell the unit for that much.
  3. Hey Del - I just googled the part and tried to find it. I found a couple of suppliers who claim to have it available, but aren't responding to my calls. If you have a lead on an auction site, etc. I would love to find it. Trying to get this depthfinder installed before a June fishing trip. Thanks.
  4. Hello all - I am looking for the adapter piece that would connect an old Lowrance unit (X91) to the first generation Minnekota universal sonar. I have tried all over the web with no luck. Anyone have one they might be interested in selling? It is called the MKR US 5). Thanks!
  5. For those guys who fish the lake a lot. I have a question. Do you think it is reasonable to plan on driving on the lake at the end of March? I assumed it would be fine, but I saw a post from a couple of years ago that seemed to imply that wasn't the case. I know there are parts of the lake that are never safe for driving, etc. But generally speaking... Thanks a lot.
  6. WWarrior - I started off with the OLD Fl-8 (the one with the fish alarm) and have moved up to the Fl-18. A buddy of mine was looking for a new unit this year and considered the Fl-20. Far as I can tell, there is a difference in screen design. I am not sold that this will be seen as a good thing in the long run. Vexilar says that the new design eliminates snow/water from gathering on the face of the unit. That never really bothered me, and if it did, I just dump it out. I am concerned that the new design will not allow for as good viewing in bright weather (there was a post about this a
  7. My OB charger (Pro Mariner) says that it can be left connected indefinately - and that it won't harm the battery. That was what I was planning on doing this winter. What do you think?
  8. Chris - I have been out in the metro the last few weeks. I like Prior around this time. Stick to the lower end of the lake (it is called Upper I think), in some of the bays by the bridges. I slowly troll with small jigs. Mixed bag of crappies, walleyes, bass, etc. I also like Bald Eagle. The point near the north end is good, but get a bit away from it (12 feet or so) either to the north or the south. Bobbers have worked best for me. Also South Center - the bay in front of the launch (I think it is the north end, behind the real deep water). Troll cranks. Any tips for Alice? Chris
  9. LoonASea - Screw the St. Louis - if I caught that many fish on Yellow Lake I'd be heading right back to the same spot...
  10. Chris - You get around on the Fishing MN site - huh? Hopefully there is no nutjob from Iowa following us on this one... I can't find your email address. Mine is [email protected] Send me your address and some thoughts, and I'll share my spots. I'm leaving early Friday am. Chris
  11. I've heard about some nice crappies in Yellow - yet to find them the last two years. I have had some luck with walleyes in May. How did folks do last weekend? If you have a couple of spots - I'll share mine...
  12. Thanks for all the interest. But, it is sold. I let my buddy have it. He was all pumped up about it, and we've been fishing together since we were 12. Plus, he nets all my fish. I had to let him have it.
  13. According to the yearbook, there are 25 guys on the team. I count 23 autographs on the stick. I think I found Gaborick's and Fernandez's for sure.
  14. I won the stick at a raffle, and like I said, I'm not a Wild fan. Now if it was T-wolves autographed, it would be a different story. Like I said, I'm open to a reasonable offer. Email me if you are interested. [email protected]
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