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  1. I can't get out tomorrow and i don't know what the weather change will do but today many 9 to 10 inch crappies were being caught at greenlick dam near mt pleasant. I kept about 35 but guys using minnies were catching them left and right. We were all out in boats and fishing in water about 6 to 9 feet deep. It's to early to tell what i'll be doing next weekend but if your interested let me know and if a can get back there your welcome to go along. My phone number is 445 5155. dave foy
  2. I'll let you know once we start to catch some crappies there.
  3. It's probably nothing like the fishing your used to back home but in about 2 weeks the crappie should start hitting at lake somerset. then walleye opens about may 10th? I live right in somerset and usually fish weekdays alone if your interested in fishing from a boat. I usually anchor for crappie and troll bottom bouncers for walleye. If your into stream stocked trout laurel hill creek about 10/15 miles away is probably one of the best. Yough river is open year round at some places near confluence but it is normally bigger faster water than usual around here. I don't normally fish for trout so i can't help there. We fish lake erie tribs a lot for steelhead but it is drawing to an end. May make one more trip up in about 2 weeks. I also occasionally go up to erie to fish on a head boat for perch but the last couple trips last year were slow. It usually picks up in june. They used to charge $28 per person for a trip out that lasted from 7 till 1 or 2 o'clock. If there are 3 or 4 guys to go and we split the gas it doesn't cost to much.
  4. Other than spraying them down with wd-40 and wiping them does anyone do anything special with them at the end of the year? I keep my ice gear in the basement that has no dampness problems. Does anyone remove them from the auger and store them back in the plastic boxs that replacement blades come in? I may have read somewhere to cover them with with vaseline to keep air from them? Just trying to keep them in as good as shape as possible till next year.
  5. yes i believe it was brownells i used years ago. You need to find a small box big enough to hold the jig and perhaps have a inch of material all around. I use 2 pop rivits turned inside out as pins to align the halves. Mix up your material and pour it to fill the mold halfway. Once it sets up a little bit spray your jig with pam cooking spray and lay in on top and get half submerged. set the whole thing aside to dry for a day or so in the sun or someplace warm. Mix up another batch and this time spray the whole mold including the pins and top of the jig with pam. Pour the material over and again set it aside to dry. Pry the mold apart after drying and carve a sprue hole to pour the lead. BE SURE THE MOLD IS COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE POURING THE LEAD. I have probably made 20 of these over the years and all but 1 have turned out okay. There will be some flash to trim especially with the durhams putty but for the price you can't beat them to experiament. If i missed anything or something isn't clear let me know any questions.
  6. Make your own mold using durhams rock hard putty. It will last for an estimated 100 castings at least. I've also used gun bedding compound it will be more expensive but the molds will last longer.
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    I don't have any pictures but i had a buddy weld up a frame from 1 inch aluminum and just lay my shappell across that. It gets the whole thing up off the snow and makes it easier draging. I had used 1 inch pvc for a frame for a few years but it would occasionally crack in real cold weather. So far the aluminum has worked great plus its lighter. I actually used aluminum from hospital walkers and boat boarding ladders i got at flea markets for $1 each so its also cheap if you know someone who can weld aluminum. I also used the steps from the ladders to hold the whole thing together. I sawed around the hole part and then bolted that to the skis. The aluminum then fits right back into the hole.
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    I've gotten some at a goodwill and salvation army stores usually for $5 a set. I've also picked up some for free when the town i live in has a free garbage pickup day for large items but thats usually in the fall. Yard sales also are a great place to find them. If you live near a ski area maybe a shop near there has cracked/broken ones that would work when cut short.
  9. make your own mold out of durhams rock hard putty if you have an original jig you want to copy. Get a small cardboard box, Mix up the putty and fill your mold box half full. Use 2 small nails for pins and insert at opposite corners. Spray your jig with pam cooking spray and lay it in till half is submerged. Set it aside to dry. After drying a day or so spray the whole thing with the jig still in with more pam and pour the other half. After it dries open the mold up. (it can be hard to get open at times) Cut a sprue hole and after your sure everything is good and dry pour you jigs. I have been able to get around 100 jigs per mold before they start to where out. They are not perfect and may need some flash filled off but it will work. I have also used gun bedding compound but a big can of durhams will make many molds for around $5. ( Note from Admin, please read forum policy in regards to unauthorized links. Thank-you.)
  10. If any of you waterfowl hunters throw your stamps away at the end of the season i'd appreciate if you would mail one to me as i collect them along with postage stamps. Just leave a post and i'll send my mailing address. Thanks
  11. Here in Pa. i get them at a local grocery store. I prefer the whole smelt but usually can only get headless/cleaned ones. I'm not sure the pike care.
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    Has anyone tried

    I don't have one myself but 3 years ago on lake erie a man drilled 4 holes to show us how well it worked. Went thru pretty quick. He did carry an extra battery pack for the drill with him. I believe the one he used was called the ice kicker. I have seen them on hsolist
  13. Can you provide any more info on what you did. I'm thinking about trying to make something to adapt a hand lazer to an gas eskimo. It looks like both rotate clockwise to cut and i can't see why something couldn't be made to work. Thanks
  14. dave_f

    Magazine Deal

    I've gotten the last 2 issues of field and stream so far
  15. I made a frame out of 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe and attached that to a pair of skis to haul my shappel dx3000 and to date it has worked fine. I also used some 4 inch pvc pipe with end caps and tied that under the frame and i can stick traditional tipups in there if i want to take them along. I also thought those might work to slide out to soumeone in case they break thru the ice to give them something to hold on to, My whole rig looks like the wood one above but i think pvc is lighter. I have about 8 inchs of clearance from the frame to the ground.
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