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  1. Sorry to say, but it's a complete waste of time. Access from a park, but this stream is a trickle. Impossible to get any kind of drift. Full of creek chubs. Impossible to cast. Lost my dry flybox there. Must have had 150 dries in it. If you disregard my advice, keep a lookout for my flybox. Thanks!
  2. TroutAngler

    Embarrass Mine

    Anybody ever fish the Embarrass Mine pit near Giants ridge? Any advice would be helpful perticualrly, how deep to fish for lakers and/or streamers, what techniques work well etc.
  3. I purchased the BHK flexible strands, and I ended up coiling up one strand and mounting it to the ceiling pole with velcro (I coiled up the strand and glued it to a peice of 1/4 inch plywood). It is a 48 LED strand and it gives off plenty of light for my 2 person flip over, plus it runs off the vex battery, so I don't need to worry about AA's. I found this was the best method to light up the entire area. Same cost as the battery operated ones at Northern Tool. Also, I put several pieces of velcro on the pole so that I can position the light wherever I want to and the velcro allows easy repositioning and angling of the light. I take it off every time I use it so that it is not damaged, nor is the power cord.
  4. I ordered a total of four sets, and when I got them, all LED's worked on all four strands. Today, I took them out to install them on my portables and I noticed that on one strand, 3 LED's were not working. I suspect that in the cold weather, when you bend the stands, it may cause some damage to the wiring. This is pure speculation on my part.
  5. BT, do you think 2 strands are necessary for a small flip-over portable, and if so, how do hook up two strands to the battery, do you connect them separately or in sequence?
  6. Does anybody know or recall the approximate cost of the Cutco Fisherman's Solution?
  7. I 2nd the Grace Coolidge Creek. There are 4 or 5 dammed ponds. Lake Sylvan in Custer park is good too, but you'd be better off with sinkng line from a peddleboat, canoe or float tube. Difficult to flyfish from shore - lot of people and powerbait/worm dunkers. Last summer we rented a peddleboat and from the middle of the lake caught several nice rainbows.
  8. $10 tent fan by coleman works great too and runs on a single "D" battery. Held onto the canvas by a magnet.
  9. I have a 10 inch auger and this year will be purchasing a new 8" bit for it. My fishing buddy could easily fit down a 10 inch hole up to his shoulders. He's 5. I'm nervous the entire time we are fishing that he might slip into the hole. Before I had said fihsing buddy, the 10" was fine, although tougher to drill holes and much heavier than an 8".
  10. Not if the leader is only 2 feet long. The crank can't get down anyfarther. Remember, the lure goes down 5-7 feet over the entire length of line you have out. If you only have two feet of line out from the bouncer, it doesn't have the chance to swim deeper.
  11. With gas prices on the rise, many people are looking at downsizing to more fuel efficient vehicles. Can anyone comment from experience if your portable flip over shack fits in a smaller suv? i.e. crv, rav4, liberty, escape, etc. I have an Eskimo 2-man and am looking at a smaller more efficent vehicle - but not at the expense of not being able to haul my shack!
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