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  1. The back of the boat is a neat spot.... I fished from the back for the first time in a lot of years this spring when I fished the Bassmaster southern opens as a co. The biggest thing I learned was to fish what you believe in, what I mean is in florida I always read that they catch them good on a lipless so when I went down there I fished a lipless while my pros fished everything else and low and behold I caught fish, that was a pre-spawn tourney and being that up here we can't fish pre spawn I read as much as i could about pre spawn fish and applied what i learned. The next one was on Lake Norman in North Carolina and I was drawn with to guys that wanted to fish the river so we fished a bunch of water that looked just like the water they fished during the classic so I dug out a senko and fished it texas rigged real slow that my pro was beating up with a swim jig and once again i caught fish. I think that we often times get spun up that we are fishing used water in the back of the boat but think about the classic all those guys were fishing the same water and sharing it with each other, well for that matter look at the pictures for last weeks FLW they were all fishing shared water there too and and those guys managed to put together sacks up to 20lbs. As a co-angler the biggest tip i can give you is fish what you know, practice is for learn techniques tourney day is for catching and fish slow. your boater is always going to leave fish, just make sure your bait spends time in the water not in the boat thinking about what you should be throwing. And don't fret about fishing water he just fished, if it looks good throw there, you might know something he doesn't.
  2. MuskyBug85

    Spinning rods

    Duckett Micro Magic spinning $149, great rod, light weight, looks pretty cool too. Jonah
  3. hey guys thanks for the input, i really appreciate the help!!!!!!!!
  4. The next bass master southern open is on lake norman in NC and I have never been to that part of the country. I am curious what i should kind of expect... We will be there in the beginning of april. thanks Jonah
  5. they were pre-spawn so most of the fish that I saw and caught were on weed just outside of spawn water which was fairly speed out, when you found it the weeds where thick but they weren't consistent..... I think finding fish down there is the same as here just scale every thing shallower.
  6. Well, I learned about some different vegetation types (hydrilla, and Kissimmee grass) which fished a lot like milfoil and really thick reeds. I also have never fished pre-spawn fish so I learned a lot about what they set up on before they move shallow which for me meant shallow weeds just off shallow bedding cover (docks, pads, shallow wood that provided cover from above) and that these fish can be located pretty quickly with a rattle bait or a square billed crankbait which ever you feel the most confident in, and one located you should slow wwwwaaayyyyy down and try and mill that structure piece for more and bigger fish with plastic. Most importantly for me I learned the format and timeline for the Opens which I will be competing in later this year which was my original goal.
  7. Well Chris Lane put on a show the final day!!! The kid is a stud on florida bass, the wind switched and muddied up the water he was fishing on the last day which left him scrabbling for cleaner water, which he found and proceeded to catch over 28lbs out of....... it was a lot of fun to be on the same water as the big time pros like Lane, Scroggins, Swindle, Martins and the like. I did get in to fish the northern opens as a pro which I am very excited about to only one that makes me nervous is the Detroit River/Erie simply because of how nasty it can get out there.....
  8. Well that was rough today, my pro could get his fish to go this morning so he spent most of the day running and gunning to limited success. I had one around 3 on a trap boater went to net it and knocked it off, the only other boat i had was a crappie about 2lbs......
  9. it was a tough bite for most of use today, i am fishing as a co- but the weather has stabilized so i think more bedders will be up tomorrow. we went looking for them this morning and found the one roland martin ended up catching but we fished her for about 2 hours and couldn't get her to go so we left and ended fishing rattletraps over grass in 3-5 fow i got my 3 for my limit of 5lbs 06 oz and a bonus gar around 5 lbs. tomorrows pro says we are making a big run to flip so hopefully he is on some fish that can put me in the race. the weather is really nice down here though we are in the 60's still.
  10. Northerns as a pro, and southerns as co.....
  11. Just got my registeration finalized for next years opens, is any one else going down to play with the big kids next year? I will be recording the whole experience and producing it as we go for a youtube series, bring my father with to enjoy the oppertunity I have been dreaming about since I was a kid....
  12. Not to kick a dead horse but I can speak from personal experience. I used to guide in the park rapids area when I was in college. My father was a full time guide all his life in the park rapids area and has recently had to get a "real" job. He is building roads for cumber construction and can't get any where near enough business to justify guiding any more. He will continue to take a few of his "black book" clients but with the cost of business and garbage economy its almost a net/net on the year. The guys that can make it as stated earlier have other jobs and most are teachers. Jason Durham does a great job but with out teaching and a financialy sound wife no way could he still do it. Not to mention the toll it will take on any family life you think you have. I used to see my dad only on sundays when we were kids, he never booked trips on sundays so we would have time to see him. And with the expenses involved now (gas prices) you can't afford to take a day off, if you can book a trip you have to take it. also a guide lives a crazy schedule. no sleep the week of new and full moons if you can book them, all night excursions trying to earn a "tip fish" and you will always get a nasty flu half way thru the summer from stress...... I know it this makes guiding sound like a bleak profession but right now it... Ib the area you are at there are of big names that fished that hard last year and if I can hire a guide for one day I hate to say it but I look up a Gregg Thomas or Timm Anderson because of their exposer in musky media. Not to mention I loved to musky fish when I started guiding, and now I only fish for them in the fall when i can chase with suckers because I got burned out. Sorry if that got long winded but I have been there and done that and its alot more work then you think. Best of Luck!!! Jonah
  13. I will play under the guis of team feldmann nissan, i shoot you an email from the office on monday. thanks Jonah
  14. It has to do with minnesota's cull rule. Some states are really open to the idea of BIG tournies as a source of revenue for small communities, Minnesota how ever is not so much that way. It has nothing to do with actually keeping fish. Jonah
  15. tonka can be a great night lake, one night in august we had a 3 fish night all those fish coming in about a half hour of moonrise. now i know i will get feed back from guys who say that moon timing has nothing to do with it so take that bit of info how you want, i however am a HUGE believer in windows related to baramoter and lunar/solar movements. I think the trick with night fishing is working spots you have confidence in HARD instead of the run and gun mentality we have during day light hours. I also believe that if you catch a fish stay put and try and find another one in the same area, i think often at night they will cruise in packs more so then during the day. also dont be afraid to burn at night in warm water. I guess the jist of night time is pick apart the areas you believe hold fish, work a piece with a bait if nothing happens try it again with a different bait that works at a different speed. a
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