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  1. My son and I would like to make a ice fishing trip next winter, never been there and would like a few hints to get started. Early ice, late ice, or somewhere in between is the best time? What part of the lake should I target that have accesses? Any good maps of the lake that I could buy? And any other tips would be very helpful. Thank you <*)))))))))))><{
  2. Superbee, How about Muzzleloading, I understand that opens a week before regular firearms season. What resort are you talking about boating in at? Can't be to crowded in that area.
  3. Superbee, Will you beat the sportsmans show in mlps this year? If you boat in will ice be a problem that time of year?
  4. A couple of buddies and myself are looking to go around dryden or kenora area and try some deer hunting. Sounds like there is some crown land in that area to hunt. Anyone have any tips for us to get started. Any good resorts maybe that have hunting land close?
  5. Been hearing about Lake Winnipeg for a couple years and the son and are going to try a trip there this winter. Would you suggest march as the best time to go? What is the best area to acces the lake? Do walleye bite at night there? Any general info would help me get started planning
  6. I've got this old and in very good shape Bear Tartar recurve bow with a stabilizer and a sliding sight. Does anyone know if this rare or valuable?
  7. I've heard of the awesome fishing on Erie for walleye. I would love to make a trip there. Never been there before.I live 600 miles away and would like to go there at the best possible time. When do you think the best time would be? april, may june? and a good place to stay. thanks
  8. My bad, I didn't check the Trakmaps thouroughly, I found those maps and will definately order one. Thank you
  9. I checked that trakmaps.com but looks to rich for my blood couple hundred bucks for a map, not me
  10. Looks like Lac Seul it will be!! second week of Aug. Either Fishermans Cove or Lac seul resort. What can we expect for walleye that time of year, depth wise and bait preferance. Has anyone stayed at either one of those resorts? Is there such a thing as a detailed map of that area?
  11. We are planning a trip to Canada and were going to go for Lac Seul for sure. Mostly for walleye. but were going to go 1 full day for muskie. and now we are having second thoughts From what I hear Muskie is a tough go unless you go to the northeast end of the lake. Option 2 seems like Wabigoon and Dinorwic would give us a much better shot at muskie. Question is how good is the walleye fishing in those 2 lakes, Wabigoon and Dinorwic?
  12. Also where can a person find a map of Lac Seul, Haven't had much luck finding one, or is there possibly a chip of lac seul for the GPS/locator?
  13. We are planning a trip to Lac Seul in mid August. And are trying to figure out what resort to go to. We will be mainly fishing for walleye, but we will try one full day for muskie. Are there any parts of the lake that are better then others?
  14. We would like to charter a boat out of either port or in between and would like some suggestions on what time of year and a good charter boat to rent, How is the salmon fishing expected to be this year?
  15. I am looking to buy a crossbow for deer hunting. With all the crossbow options out there does any one have opinions on which ones are good and which ones to stay away from. Also I see some have speeds up to 375fps. would the fastest fps be the best?
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