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  1. And I thought I was the only one looking up snowmobile videos on U Tube in July.... Just moved back to MN, can't wait to ride with some of you guys. Been just a troll on here for the last three years..
  2. Check into the T series from Arctic Cat. Sounds perfect for what you are looking for. Plush ride for two and 4 stroke. Your wife will love the two up seat. It has heated hand grips for her. Just my thoughts.
  3. Better check into the cost of housing in Bismarck.
  4. Sure looks to me like he is just trying to stop snowmobilers from riding in the ditch. He better be careful, we had this same issue where I live, landowner swore he owned the land to the center of the road as per his deed, landowner pounded in steel fence posts, atv'r came along at night, hit fence post, almost died from it, landowner was charged with reckless endangerment, convicted, later sued, lost the case. Don't forget about the rule of "intent". Looks more like to me the landowner is giving other landowners a bad name. Just my two cents.
  5. I agree with the others, the Danner Pronghorns don't last like they used too. A pair would only last me a year at best. I went to their Danner Hood Winter lites, nice boots, a little stiffer than the Pronghorns, but overall, a nice boot. Spendy, but nice.
  6. Thanks for the info. My real concern is "will he go lame on me every fall during hunting season"?
  7. I am looking for guys who's dogs have lyme disease. If the fall of 2010, after a few days of pheasant hunting, my dogs front leg goes lame. Few days later, he is fine, as he is for the rest of the season. In the fall of 2011, after a few days of hunting, his back leg goes lame, and once again, after a few days rest, he is fine, and the rest of the season as well. I continue to blame it on him being out of condition. Late in the fall of 2011, I take him to the Vet for other reasons, the Vet does a Lyme test, the test comes back positive. The dog is put on antibiotics for 30 days. Now bear in mind, he has had the Lyme disease shot, and I treat with Advantix all spring/summer/fall. My question is, will this problem of him going lame on me always going to happen, or did the antibiotics take care of the lyme disease? Thanks
  8. Is there an ATV under all that equipment??
  9. Vikings poor season??..could be...it certainly couldn't be because of all this internet chatter about how everyone is seeing and taking pheasants lately....
  10. I have tried that myself, most times the pilot light will go out, but not always.
  11. + 1 I have one of those in my fish house as well. Had it for 6 years now and still works great, quiet as a mouse. Only uses .75 amps per hour. Got mine at fish house supply, one of the sponsors here.
  12. Does anyone know if the DNR is going to offer a printed WIA book like SD?
  13. I think that particular model is made in China, not sure about that though. I would stick with a 15,000 DV model, I have a 10,000 BTU model in my 8x14 and it is more than enough and it works great. I have a 12v ceiling fan that I use for air circulation. It only uses about .75 amps per hour and is quiet as a mouse even after 5 years of use.
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