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  1. Outstanding fish guys! MRG...Holy Cow! those are some piggie crops there. Great job with the CPR and awesome job getting the kids out there too!
  2. Midway USA has a great scope mounting kit from Wheeler Eng....lapping tools, Correct tools for Gun Smithing, Instructional DVD - everything you need to do it correctly...about $110.00 Agree...Nice Man Cave too!
  3. kinda depends upon the time of year and what Im gonna be doing. Meaning, if its early in the year and there will be a lot of walking involved going to and from the blind/hunting spot - I opt for a lighter pair of waders. Likewise, if its November and cold out, I go with my more insulated ones. hope this kinda helps...I got 3 pair that I switch around in depending upon the conditions.
  4. You believe President Pinniochio in what he says? The facts are out there. Huffinington Post, Forbes, Snopes, etc... Talking with guys from ATK in Idaho and MN...I believe it. Oh yeah...remember, "you can keep your current health coverage and doctor too...I promise"..... That is going to cost us all dearly in the next 2-5 yrs - but thats a different topic in itself.
  5. the way we perpare and cook our ducks and geese makes them taste awesome!...hense the term flying prime rib. Its all in how you prepare and cook them. People who dont like the taste of waterfowl are doing something wrong in the kitchen....just my 2 cents.
  6. I get the "buck fever/shakes/heart thumpin" thing going all the time when I see a buck....I think I would soil myself or have a big ol heart attack if I saw that monster on the stand when he was alive. Impressive find for sure!...and in a barn of all places.
  7. great eating...we call em "flying prime rib".
  8. lots of recipes on line...one time I made a "jimmy dean look a like" breakfast sausage patties out of some ducks and geese. It turned out awesome. Typically, duck and goose, when over cooked is not too palatable...in my opinion. However, duck and goose prepared correctly is phenomenal. I love mine between rare and medium rare from the grill or from the cast iron skillet. Its some of the best wild game out there....but then again its all great!....way better than what you purchase in the store. Many recipes out there for you to try.
  9. but the govt is buying huge amounts of primers and powder. Lead is used in bullets of all types. Try buying and finding Federal 209 primers.....if you find any, let me know. Shot is upwards of $48.00 to $50.00 per 25 lb bag...regardless of size. Powder is hard if not impossible to come by if you reload.
  10. You can still find .22 LR for $.04/$0.05 but it is rare.....more like $0.08/$0.10 per round. .22 LR is hard to find lately (for me). I have not seen it anywhere in the last 2 months. Glad to see that Reeds had good pricing at their annual gun/ammo sale in Little Falls. Wish I could have been there this year....would have got as much trap ammo as momma would have let me.
  11. All true and good points...but note that prior to the huge order the govt put in...some 22 billion rounds, the ammo companys had no problem meeting the demand of the public. They were on prodcution schedules of running 5 days and only 2 shifts. THey are now running 24/7, with 3 shifts. The panic of ammo with the public and pushing up prices is making many millionaires.
  12. Why is it that ammo that I purchased in October of 2008 - right before Obama won the election...(Federal 7 MM 08) - $14.99 per box...and in October of 2013 the price is $39.99 a box. Why did ammo prices skyrocket after the government ordered 22 billion rounds of ammo? And there was no need for the government to order that amount...per the stock piles that are in place at the time of the order?....sounds fishy to me. Yes...ammo companys are cashing in on the "supply/demand" metric. Talked to an ATK Manager in Lewiston, ID a month ago on a flight...he commented that the biggest and best sales person that ammo companys and gun companys have is the current govt in place...everytime they open their mouths, demand for guns and ammo increases...therefore, the price increases. Simple economics/supply and demand.
  13. look to the government.....they cant get our guns.....but they can really make it hard for us to get ammo...just saying! EPA and shutting down the smelters...Obama and crew order 22 billion rounds of ammo...its all related to the govt.
  14. North Fork composites is the company Gary Loomis started up after he sold his original company to Shimano. Looked at the blanks but they are not the same as what he made from the start...and are way, way, way more expensive.
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