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  1. i own a chevy 2005 silverado 1/2 can i put one of those pop up campers in the bed of my truck and still pull my lund fisherman boat behind it?
  2. I get about 5800 RPM WOT trimmed up. And the Motor is rated @ 5800RPM to 6400RPM. I do trim all the way down out of the hole. Maybe it's me and it is what it is?
  3. I own a 2009 lund fisherman 17.5 with 115HP the prop that is on there now is a mercury 13.3/4 x 16pitch. It seems like it takes a little time getting out of the hole. I should have bought the 135hp motor but I didn't. Can any help recommend a different prop the would serve me a little better?
  4. When camping with a boat that needs to have the trolling batteries charged is the best way to charge them by using an inverter? need some suggestions.
  5. My wife and I are planning on camping in a tent opener weekend @ Cheif Woodenfrog state camp ground on lake Kabatogama. If you have camped there would appreciate comments on the grounds.We are planning on getting up there late friday before opener will we have any problems finding a site.
  6. My wife and seem to get shut out every opener. Looking for peoples top 5 walleye opener lakes.
  7. isn't the size in these lake only 9 inches!
  8. My wife and I are walleye fisherman. We are looking forward to this spring to catch some crapies. We live in the east metro what are some good crappie lakes just of us.
  9. my wife and I are looking for a walleye lake to go to for opener any where north of hinckly. any help would be appreciated.
  10. We are looking for a good quality, higher end point and shoot. We take alot of fishing pictures and family pictures both indoor and out. It should be fairly user friendly. Also, an easy docking/printing system. Also looking for a video camera for around the same price. If you have any input on that it would be great. Let me know if you need anymore info. Thanks!!!!
  11. Im looking to buy a new digital camera and spend around $500.00 does any one have any input
  12. im going out on mille lacs tomorrow and want to drift with spinners and lindys the forcast says ten mph winds from nw i have a alumacraft magnum 16.5 with a four stroke 75hp will i be affective just drifting in those winds ( i have no drift sock)
  13. how much wind is to much if i dont own a drift sock (mud flats on mille lacs
  14. Here is a picture of a king salmon my wife caught friday in the pacific ocean. When she should have been in the office helping a client she instead went out fishing and caught this. A two day business trip to san francisco...must be rough.
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