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  1. Quote: Try Musky Innovation's Realfish. They have a perch, walleye, sucker, and bullhead. Those things looks more real than any lure I've ever seen. SS SHAD [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thanks much]
  2. Thats what I was thinking... More like 54 lbs.
  3. Quote: ouch..... ticket for after 10pm? Nope. Ticket for being there 15 minutes longer than I paid for at the paybox.
  4. I think pretty much any tributary of the St. Croix has populations of lamprey.
  5. Was out on wednesday night. Tons of (Contact US Regarding This Word) pleasure boaters and no weeds whatsoever. Last year the lake had some relly nice weedlines this time of year... don't know if they were killed off or what?? Not a ton of fish in there from my experience but the ones that are there are some true hefty haulers.
  6. Was out on Lake Harriet Monday night. After a succesful Muskie fishin' trip I came into the landing and some goofballs with their little sailboat decided to cut in front of me to unload their crappy little sailboat. After about 20 minutes of them tying ropes, rigging their dump, etc......With their boat still on the trailer, I had to yell at them that there were people trying to get off the lake before the storm.They couldn't undertand why I was upset and basically had to tell them there is a dock 10 feet from where they were trying to launch the boat where they could do whatever they had to do before going out. Then to make things worse I go to grab the truck and some idiots blocked me in so I had to lift the trailer up and slide it over to get out of my parking spot. I do all of this while not noticing the nice parking ticket on my windshield from 5 minutes before......15 minutes after I would've been out of there in the first place.
  7. Mid 50's on Lake Owasso. Had one that had to have been almost 60 inches try to eat a 4 lb. smallmouth off my line on Mille Lacs.
  8. Funny... We were out from 7 am til about 12:30 and 11 to 11:30 is when we saw all the fish.
  9. Lake Harriet...3 follows... fish ranging from mid thirtees up to near 50. No takers though.
  10. Quote: Quote: it turned into a post war lol We will not have any wars. Season is open in many states around us so pictures will be posted before MN musky anglers are allowed to hit the water. Plus accidents happen, as long as the fish was released ASAP I don't see it as a problem. I would much rather see a fish handeled properly using good ol CPR then the beat the fish of the hook trick because season is not open and "we need to get rid of this fish before we get in trouble." If an angler has done things by the book, took a quick photo and posted it stating the fact he caught it by accident is his call to make. We that live in glass houses... I caught a 4" bass by accident last weekend fishing crappies. You bet I took a quick photo before I put the little fella back. I had to, it was smaller then half my lures and it was kinda funny. I wanna see the photos of that monster bass.
  11. I've never eaten Bullheads but have heard they are delicious. True? Untrue?
  12. Here's my first of the year accidentally caught on a Senko and 6 lb. test during a bass tournament on Okoboji. 40"
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