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  1. A friend of mine did this. He used two electric burners from a stove top. Each are controlled seperatly. He put a vent on top and a slide drawer on the bottem to add chips.Electric is much easier to control and does not give off moisture like gas.
  2. That looks great. I have a loin and I was planning on doing this. Just a quick question. Is it similar to ham/canadin bacon? I guessing it would make great sandwiches.
  3. Tortellini Salad 1 bag of frozen cheese tortellini 1 red onion 1 green pepper 1 bottle of balsamic vinagrette crumbled feta or blue cheese 4 strips of bacon cooked crisp and crumbled fresh spinach boil tortellini per package directions and cool Chop onions and green pepper add the rest of the ingredients and toss with dressing Sorry I don't use exact measurements
  4. Actually the federal campground on Cass Lake. All of the sites have electric and water with the exception of about 10 but we are directly on the water and can pull our boats on the beach. The rest of the sites are off the water is a good trade off. We have a group of 4 families and have been vacationing up there for 25 years. We used to stay at resorts butfor the last 5 years have been camping which is much better. I might just throw the smoker in also.
  5. Thanks guys. Alot of good ideas. I forgot to mention that I will be in my pickup camper. Where we are camping there is no electric. I do have a small generator but it will not run any cooking appliances. We do have the small stove in the camper but I don't use it much. Mainly a grill and coleman stove. Steaks, burgers, brats etc are good old staples. I guess I was looking for something different. We usually have a big breakfast after early morning fishing and a nice dinner which is usually after happy hour. I would like to prepare some dinners at home where I have better equipment. Do you think I could partially cook a roast or turkey and finish it off on the grill later? Kabobs are great idea. Thanks for the input. Let's keep it going maybe some gourmet type ideas too.
  6. What are some ideas for meals while camping? We are spending a week at Cass lake.
  7. A little hint for smoked chicken. After you brine them. Split the bird lengthwise by cutting on each side of the backbone with shears and flip over and split the center of the breasts. With this you will have much better flavor and your chicken will cook faster and more even.
  8. My son fished it last year. It was well ran the guys had fun.
  9. Thanks Reinhard will do. MJ: My grandmother used to make glorified rice I haven't had it in a long time
  10. Thanks reinhard that's exactly what I was looking for. My wife likes potato sausage and asked me to make it. I'm assuming this is a tried and true recipe but have you ever added other seasonings? Thanks for your reply.
  11. Does anybody have a potato sausage recipe?
  12. It's the path that the guys with portables use to try to move in on permanant houses
  13. just remember to take it with you when you move the house
  14. 5000 Acre lake = 217,800,000 square feet 784 sq. ft. = .00000359% of the lake How's that for math
  15. The part of my original post everybody is missing is that we are on a large piece of structure. There is at least 1/2 mile of breakline on this bar. The only place these portables seem to set up is right in the middle of our houses, the rest of the break is empty. We are not on anything unique or a "hotspot". It is just a breakline on a large bar. Take the time to find a spot to fish not just drill holes near permanant houses. I call it lazy.
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