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  1. draled


    gone, thank you
  2. I think it works with vista
  3. draled


    my sister might pop out her babay this weekend, taking it day by day. but I will be home if she don't.
  4. draled


    the back hatch stays open by its self, thats all i checked, all the glass is good. I don't have keys for the locks. n1536 county road c, bay city, wi
  5. draled

    hotpoint stove

    electric, Red wing
  6. works good, wife wanted flat top, almound, one 1/4" chip in paint
  7. draled


    101x72 about, glasstite brand, its a little wider than the dodge box it might be for another make, red wing, mn
  8. works good, i put new roof on house and didn't want to put back up. redwing, mn
  9. fiberglass topper, brown, good shape, its sitting on an older dodge box [email protected]
  10. draled

    Dish TV for the Fish house

    if I remember right the directtv was 75w and my 13" tv was 25w just remember when you start them up they draw more. I have a colman 1850 and it runs the dish tv two 100w bulbs and a 1000w heater
  11. draled

    Want to build ice fishing hut

    I built one last year, I would do it again in a second. first thing is keep it light, all your friends will help you get it on the ice but soon are gone to help get it off. wheels are nice. if you can make a metel frame, do it. check the www for ideas. go to ice and ask, people love to show off their work and give ideas.
  12. draled

    Real dumb question here

    you can use the 6v, but you won't get as much light. don't use the 12v charger it could get to hot and make a mess. I would fight the right charger for it. you can pick up a lawn mower battery for $20 if your looking for a small 12v
  13. draled

    Chistmas tree care

    your tree will be fine, just keep it below 40