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  1. How's your dog doing setterguy?? His brother is great and keeps getting better. Can't wait to hook up sometime? Good luck.
  2. Thanks MARINERMAGNUM!! You nailed it, and nice picture. Thanks for the help.
  3. I've been seeing a bird that looks to be a cross between a sparrow, chickadee, and a finch by the river by my house. It has yellow spots on wings and a destinct yellow mark on the center of its head. I'll try to get some pics next time out. I can't seem to find a picture that matchs it on the internet. Its always close to the water and looks to be eating insects? Thanks in advance.
  4. We went out Sat. morning to our favorite river around river falls. The water was very brown/stained. It was still fishable and wadeable, but tough to say the least. The water towards the banks wasn't too colored, again tough fishing. We were mostly chucking wooly's. Great day to be on the river, but the fish weren't cooperating. Should be a week or so until it clears up, still quite abit of snow on the hillsides.
  5. Never fished Watson Creek, but the other two did survive the floods. Theres some new holes/runs, but all and all they faired well. Good luck over there and THANKS!
  6. Thanks alot PCGUIDE, thats all I needed, I'm going to give it a try anyways. Thanks again.
  7. If its the electric pad you're talking about, it works great. My buddy installed it under tile in the basement and under laminate flooring in his living room. He and his wife are very happy with it. His came with a small dial for the wall to control heat. You can't go wrong with Wirsbo, if your building new!! Good Luck!
  8. Just wondering how the streams/rivers are doing around River Falls. Not looking for names or how fishing been, just how the water levels are? Are they blown out or not too bad?? Thanks in advance.
  9. onthejob2


    WE DID IT!!!! GO WILD!!!
  10. There is alot of good info. in this forum (catfish). Look back and search for anything good, its all here. I'm sure others will post with some help, but in the meantime start researching this forum.
  11. Parker, I'm still new to the game.
  12. Sweet Pics, some of the best i've seen. Keep up the good work!
  13. Good suggestions, also make sure none of the treads are touching the skirtboards. If so trim off excess on treads. Have someone help you, listen for exactly where the squeaks are coming from. Shims also can help, if there is any areas that are squeaking, knock a shim into that area. Just make sure your not making another area to squeak. Again, glue and screws should help alot. Good luck.
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