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  1. I guess I was more worried about lakes being froze over prior to today or tonight. Still going to give it a go and see what happens.
  2. I think there will be enough wind the next couple of days that will keep lakes open, but we will see
  3. couple of us are looking to do some hunting in the area this weekend before we put the stuff away for the year. Curious what the ice conditions are like on some lake in that area.
  4. Is a person able to hunt the South Dakota side of big stone and traverse? I can't seem to find anything in the regs about it. Maybe I just missed in there, but figured I'd ask anyways.
  5. We are bringing everything, so that we can hunt any situation. If its in a field, or by boat,or by waders, it don't matter. We are going to do what we have to do to grind out some ducks. Now hopefully this front coming thru in the next couple of days doesn't push alot of those birds out of that area.
  6. That's not what I wanted to hear, but that is what I figured I would hear. Oh well, I think we are going to go for it anyways and grind it out. We make do with what is giving to us, just hope to find some decent water to work with. First things first, going to have to see what this weekend storm system brings. Sound like is going to be pretty cold first part of next week
  7. Getting closer to our trip we have planned. Just curious if the water levels have changed much in the past month. Haven't paid much attention lately, cause I thought the morris area was out of the question. But my brother in law is starting to push for the morris area again. So i figured i would try to get some feed back again. Any and all info would be great.
  8. Can always hope for some rain, not sure how much it would help. I have a 16ft boat, but for its size it rides rather shallow, really don't need a lot of water. Done plenty of push poling and paddling before, running an outboard is alot nicer but oh well.
  9. I wouldn't say we r quiting on the idea. We had 2 plans in mind, one was morris area, second was NW of St. Cloud area. Bro-inlaw lives in Cloud and would be able to scout that area, unlike the morris area. You guys sure do bring up a really good point though. It going to be our "go big or go home" moment. Just going to have to keep doing my homework and see what happens. How much pressure does the morris area see on a giving day?
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. Due to the lack of time to scout the area I don't think we are going to be heading out that way. We would be strictly water hunting, so driving up there on a Thursday afternoon and planning to go hunting the next morning without out scouting and with water levels the way they are. Just doesn't make sense.
  11. 3 of us are heading up that way sometime in Nov. to do some hunting. I have been skimming the area with google earth and MN DNR Rec. Compass trying to figure out what areas are huntable and not. There are pot holes everywhere, but very, very few public access's. Does one just one just drop your boat in from the road? Just seeing what you guys think.
  12. Is someone able to hunt anywhere as long as your not on land? Well I should say if your hunting the river, with the river so high, is there a certain point that you cant pass without trespassing?
  13. Go shallow and slower presentation!!! Look in 3-6 fow as long as there is some chop, even if its from rec boats making waves. The lake that I have been fishing, if I fish deeper than 8-10 fow I have been getting nothing but small ones. The two main presentations that I have been using is twisters tipped with leeches and slip bobbers with crawlers pinched in half then treaded on a white, pink, or combo of both jig heads but leave part of the crawler dangling for action. 95% of the eyes that I have caught in 3-6fow are in the 16-25 inch range. Plus it hasn't really mattered what time of day it was, or if there was cloud cover. I have average 3-4 fish every outing!
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