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  1. Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to help or just fan the flames as it seems Mr. Merkman is pretty set in his ways and not interested in looking at this from all angles. My disclaimer is that I fish the Mississippi River border waters and really don't have much of an idea what's going on in the inland waters. But I feel I've done some research in these areas. I'm for closing the winter season as with most other responsible people that are interested in fishing for these unique fish. The first task for me was to talk to a number of the commercial fishermen on the Mississippi. I'll admit, I couldn't talk to each and everyone one of them, but the ones I did speak with didn't care about closing the commercial season on flats in the winter because they were too hard to capture. They generally use a gill net in the warmer water months to capture them. Because of where they go dormant, it would be too expensive to repair their nets that were damaged. On a side note, the price of "in the round", live flats goes up in the winter months because of lack of supply. 61 cent per pound is normal. I've talked with the largest spearing group in the midwest. They haven't heard of anyone spearing them. They are not opposed to totally closing the season during their wintering, vulnerable times. Snagging. It is against the law. Many folks from out of state come to my stretch of the river to open water fish walleyes and sauger in the winter months. Some of these folks knowingly or not snag a flat, then continue to drift the same area looking for more. Once a flat is in the boat, it's pretty hard to tell if it's been snagged, so they end up taking it home. 10 fish of any size is the limit on the MN side and 25 fish of any size is the limit on the WI side. (Yes, there's an issue there too) Even with all the time I've spent watching and video capturing wintering flats, I can't say they, some, one won't ever bite in the winter. Everything in my videos point to them laying dormant without eating anything. We have a biologists report that shows in a lab that flatheads stop feeding at 51 degrees. Now your argument Merk is, are the flats in danger of being over harvested while they are in the winter dormant mode. I would say "no" from my armchair. But then again, bear season is closed during their hibernating months as well. But to sum up my ramblings, the only people that will be effected by closing the flathead season in the winter, dormant months will be the poachers. I'm not saying they won't stop poaching, but it will be easier for enforcement to catch them and it's going to be hard to take a 40 pound flat in to collect the $24.40. X 10 (MN's limit) $244.00. I hope that my and the other comments above will help folks that don't fish for flats understand that closing the season in the winter months is the right thing to do.
  2. That's how I switched from suckers to bullheads. $19. a doz and fishing most every night. Seems like I could never get by with one doz. There were times those suckers out produce bullies by a large margin. Other times it was the other way around. To the fella that was asking about CO's checking bullheads. It's kind of funny. That's how this whole 10 inch bullhead deal was started. My daughter was complaining about the slow speed limits after getting a ticket. I told her instead of complaining about it, if you feel that strongly start contacting the people in government that can do something about it. Two weeks later a friend of mine was given a written warning for having bullheads over 7 inches (some were 7.25) in his bait tank. Someone wrote down his license number when he was carrying "pail after pail" of bullheads to his truck and called the TIP Line because they knew 100 bullies was the limit. He had well over 100. So as I was complaining to my Favorite Wife, my daughter over heard me and shoved my own words down my throat in and oh so loving manner. LOL! My friend is a stand up guy. Never had a G and F violation in his life. Now this warning tarnished his clean record...all for a quarter inch that no one cares about. The Governor needs to sign or veto this bill within 14 days of it hitting his desk. We should be down to the last few days now. Thanks for the emails guys! Hopefully we'll be using up to 10 inch bullheads on our two rods on the MN River soon!
  3. Hi guys! Harvey, I agree with you 100% Senator Chaudhary agreed to place the wording in the Omibus bill with the blessing of our DNR. Mostly because it's taken so long. This Dec it will be six years since our first meeting with the DNR. The idea was to "just get it done" through the bill, then the day after the Gov. signs it, it would be law. Just about the time a person thinks it's a done deal...the DNR sends a letter to the Gov. stating they don't support the bill (not the bullhead law). So if the bill dies, we still have the RULE process that hasn't stopped. This was what the hearings were about. Earliest time line on the rule change is August 2010. If you wish to support the legalizing of bullheads up to 10 inches as bait, please send our Gov. a quick email. [email protected] Make up your own wording. Short and to the point. 6 years is a long time to wait for a no brainer. Thanks in advance for your support! Bk
  4. Good morning! Since I've been disappointed a number of times over the last 5 years, I don't get too excited when I'm told "we hope to have this in place by the '10 opener". However, the Commissioner of the DNR is involved now and I have a little more hope for the May 1st deadline. After that, we'll be going around the DNR to make this no brainer happen.
  5. About two weeks ago, I was contacted by Neil McMillin of the USCG asking if I would partake in a voluntary and free boat inspection. He explained that the goal of this new to our District program, was to help make our waterways more safe. Also to help inform Joe Boater of the rules and regulations on our waterways. If you happen to be a licensed guide, Neil will go through your paperwork to ensure it's all in order. The end result would be a inspection decal for your boat showing that you have passed the inspection. Neil explained to me that this program is not a "gotcha" or sting operation. If your boat doesn't pass or your paper work isn't in order, he can suggest what needs to be done, there won't be any tickets issued and the information does not go to enforcement. This program is simply set up for safety and information. Your boat can be inspected on the water or on a trailer. For more information on the free inspectons, please contact: Neil McMillin District Staff Officer Vessel Examinations/Program Visitation Eighth Western Rivers Region Division 11 952-367-6384 [email protected]
  6. Thank for posting the video Mr. Miller. Once the Marcum 825c is down there I get lost in looking around at the bottom of Pool 4. Here's some info on the videos. The video was taken Jan 9th of 2009. The "pitching pole" is on the MN side. If you've lost a number of lures in one spot while pitching...you know where the pole is! LOL! The sheephead, shad, gar, walleyes and one crappie if you watch closely were shot at a super secret spot behind a wing dam. There are fish there all year....but maybe not the kind you are targeting. I think some of the cat guys are going to love this. The "pile" of wintering flats are down stream a little further, in the same location that In Fish filmed Frosty Flatheads a number of years ago. I'll skip my rant about the flathead season being open all year and WI's limit set at 25 fish and spare you guys. Dtro was right on. Bouncing the camera off their head and body's did nothing. Although we did have one swim along side the camera once. It came from down stream of the pile and there it was, just swimming along side about 2 feet from the camera until it laid down next to the pile. If I recall there's one flat trying to position himself in this video. Many of the cats were laying with their mouth open...facing up stream. I believe this is why many walleye angers insist that flats will bite in the winter. Mouth open, jig drops in, somethings felt and the hook is set in the mouth. Cat must have bite! I would think the same thing until the camera shows what is really happening. What else? If I recall correctly it was in 14 to 18 feet of water. The old 'sippi cleans up pretty well in January doesn't it. http://www.youtube.com/user/idacatguides#p/f The link above shows a huge school of channel cats and another pile of flatheads shot down river much further. It was my first video, so I was a little jerky. The camera I was using made all the difference in the world. I had a Marcum 500 out there the year before. We saw some fish, but nothing like what your seeing here.
  7. Tournies that are using Lock and Dam 3 ~ Red Wing are being asked to avoid this area over the next two years. For more information contact Pam at 651-388-5794.
  8. Quote:I don't believe not one camera manufacturer has or ever will make the claim that its lighting system "clears" the water of particles so you can see clearly at night. If that's what you're looking for, you can quit looking STOP LOOKING! Maybe Marcum doesn't make the claim...but I will! I'm not sure who designed the manta case and it's two LED lights on the 825 color unit...but they are totally UNBELIEVABLE for viewing in depths of 30 to 50 feet where light just can't get too. I owned a Marcum 500 with a bunch of lights around the camera lens. It was so ineffective on the St Croix River after about 25 fow or at night. As the poster stated above, it looked like a snow storm. I would turn it off. Because the way the two little white LED's are mounted above the camera...well you guys can give the explanations...all I know is that these two Marcum units work fantastic at night and at depths down to 50 feet. Now I just need to figure out a way to remove some advertising from a youtube video...and I could prove it! What I did was to drop the manta into the Mississippi River. Without using the lights of course. Once it reached the bottom at 35 or so feet, if I looked hard enough, I could see the cloud of sediment rise from the camera disturbing the bottom. I then turn the 4 position of intesity lights on high. It is truly amazing! Bk
  9. HEY! Next time introduce me to your friends when you come in! You said it was big...but I never guessed that BIG! That was worthy of a Personal Best Pin!
  10. Here you go Ryan. Dtro, thanks for posting the info on emailing Gerry Johnson at the DNR. I'll be finding out the comment totals in a week or so and shoot you an email for posting. Just not enough time to be everywhere! Here's my meeting notes...that were edited for accuracy by the DNR. Public St Croix Reg Meeting 10/22/2008 Presentation by The Area Fisheries Supervisor (East Side) Mr. Jerry Johnson and Al Stevens from Lakes and Stream Management Planning. Also in attendance was Mr. Rod Ramsell who's partial duties were described as "Lead Worker of the Lower St Croix River Sturgeon Tagging Project ". The presentation walked us through etiquette of the meeting, history of the Lake Sturgeon, the data that our DNR has collected since 2003 and why the proposed rules were being adopted. Most of the info in the presentation was well known facts to us Lake Sturgeon fishers. LKS are very long-lived animals, live to 150 years (on record) Research Literature indicates that Females are about 24 years old before they spawn. Females only spawn every 4 to 6 years, LKS are very sensitive to changes in their environment such as destruction to spawning areas and degraded water quality. The MN DNR estimates less than 4000 LKS in the Lower St Croix River. At 50 inches, the literature indicates that LKS typically are sexually mature and have spawned once. East Metro staff are of the opinion that females in the less productive Lower St. Croix River System are closer to 55" before spawning takes place Some of the info that was new to me was: • Information received from recaptured fish shows that St Croix River LKS grow about 6/10ths to 9/10ths per year. • LKS regulation in 1947 were one fish per day with a 30" minimum. • LKS regulations in 1968 was one fish per day with a 40" minimum. • LKS regulations in 1992 became one fish per YEAR with a 50" minimum. Mr. Johnson stated that he/they will be proposing a LKS telemetry study this winter (for next fiscal year budget cycle) for the Lower St Croix. There seemed to be some confusion on where the $5. LKS tag fee was being used for. To clarify, it goes to the Fish & Game Fund. It was never meant to be used specifically for Lake Sturgeon Reseach...but a portion goes to the of tracking fish taken from the Two River Systems. Revenue from the harvest tag goes into the Game and Fish fund (administered by DNR), not the General fund (the statewide, agency wide fund). Mr. Johnson was asked what portion of the comments were against the 60" minimum size for taking St Croix Sturgeon. His response was...to date, none (however, we received one comment from the meeting opposed to the increase). Bk Edit: this has changed over night, in part by the FM members!) It was pretty evident, at least to me, that the dozen or so sturgeon fishers that turned out for the public meeting, were against shortening the season, they didn't care if the minimum was set to 60", but did prefer a total catch and release season. Not only did the MN DNR's own data support moving toward catch and release, (I don’t remember presenting any data that could be interpreted this way) in my opinion, the DNR's own expert, the biologist with the most hands on experience with the St Croix LKS said he supports the 60 minimum, and also would support catch and release. He went on to say that (in his opinion) keeping the season the same length or even making it longer, with the proposed 4 week harvest season (September) and a 2 week (or 4 week) catch and release only season (October), likely would not hurt the fishery and he could support it. Lastly, Mr. Ramsell did say that the meeting was about adopting the proposal as stated, not catch and release or keeping the season the same/or lengthening it. Although I'm an optimist, I will be shocked if our MN laws do not reflect the wishes of the WI rule makers for the 2009 season. One thing I did learn tonight. I now can see why we have two sets of rules on the MN/WI border waters. It's because of people like me. I don't want to give up my two weeks of fishing because of the state of WI...and I'm willing to have two sets of rules to keep them. They can have 4 weeks of 1 fish over 60 inches and I'll take my 6 or even 8 weeks of catch and release. Personally, I want to thank Jerry Johnson, Al Stevens and Rod Ramsell. Yours was not an easy job tonight, but you handled it professionally as one would expect. Our DNR has done a [PoorWordUsage] good job is creating many trophy fishing opportunities within our waters. I trust they will make the best decision for all of us in this case too.
  11. WWG, they are fun on lighter gear...but then you'll have your hands full when a 15 pound channel or 30 pound flat comes a knocking! The Polo jackets are PFD's. Ralph just picked one up in a differant color, but has the same 3m reflective material. They have the jacket as pictured which the sleeved zip off to make it a vest. Then the complete outer shell comes off to make it a light weight comfortable PFD. I don't sell them, but Peter, the fella pictured on the left bought one after fishing in one that night.
  12. Hey guys. Just because the Lake Sturgeon season is closing doesn't mean the Shovelnose Sturgeon season is over. In fact, it's open all year with bonus fish of small to large (boat best this year 19 pound) Channels and Flatheads (30 pound best at the dam in 08) to boot. Pool 4, below Lock and Dam #3 is starting to fill up with walleye guys during the day. Most are cleared out by 6 pm and more than likely, you'll find yourself alone after dark...unless I'm there. And the Shovels are on the bite! Remember.... Catfisherman Own the Night!
  13. "HansonsMYhero" No...that's my newHSOforum! I still don't recall what it was since it's "remembered"...I think it was either..."IwannaMannySlap" or "DarkKissMeNext". Umm...you have to see the video to understand the humor in either of them passwords. Tyler...bring some home made cookies and I'll make sure you get the plastics that work...
  14. Just heading out the door an saw this. I lost my password almost a year ago and when requesting one...it never made it to me. Nope not in the junk mail folder either. I tried my old browser and guess what...it remember it...but I still don't know what it is. Oh well. Dark is right once the run off starts they will be gone for the summer. They did move from where they were two weeks prior although not that far. We timed the "breath" of a gill movement on one fairly large...30ish flat. One breath every six seconds. Two weeks prior to this footage, we could see a tail curl slightly, an eye move once in a while. But they were still stacked on top of each other and the camera bouncing off their back didn't make even their dorsal stand up. The fish that are on camera might be one third of the flats that were down there. Sliding down stream with any type of hook close to the bottom would almost certainly guarantee the angler a flat. The WI and MN DNR don't think snagging or commercial netting of these fish is a problem. Well, snagging is illegal already...but once snagged it's funny how they end up on the bottom of the boat legally hooked <whistle>. Netting? Well, I don't even need to go into that! Somehow WE have to find a way to close the season and realize what a true trophy fishery we have...in our own back yard.
  15. Ryan, I thought Steph was to catch that one... Marc, check your email. Bk
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