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  1. I would join as a nonboater if someone has a boat for it and needs a partner.
  2. Pohlad should definately pay for most of the stadium. How about the "Kirby Puckett Memorial Stadium" and have a statue of him outside and pictures of the championship teams inside the stadium.
  3. I might have to get one of those breakaway cases. Do they make one that has a strap over your shoulder that fits bigger rods while your riding a bike?
  4. Got them both today, they are really nice. They have straps inside to hold the rods and a side compartment.
  5. I thought he meant the better richardson, Jason from golden state. Him or Stevie franchise would be great. Jaric and hudson can pack there bags cause they wont be here long.
  6. Are you guys letting it run for a while before you drill a hole or go out? I start mine at home before I go and mine doesnt do that. When Ive set it on the snow for a while and want to drill a hole you have to let the engine warm up again. My friends Strikemaster is the same way.
  7. They still make the Huskie Devle. Ive seen the 3 1/2 oz. Huskie Devle spoon go for 9 brand new. Colors Ive seen are Black Perch, Mackeral, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. I would go with Dan Thiems prices of the older ones. [email protected]
  8. I just ordered 2 triads. Will help me alot when I have to carry my gear out to the lake. After I ordered there was coupon for $10 off my next purchase from ready rig. What a great deal .
  9. Do they give you things to put over the hooks with the triad or should I just get the black one for 5.99.
  10. I think this reg is alright. When Ive gotten 1 over 20 inches I have only gotten another one over 20 a couple times. I think the dnr will be measuring more fish in peoples coolers or livewells from now on. They can be a pain sometimes when they ask questions and check over your boat. Guess there just doing there job but I think the fishermen shoulda voted on this law for the size of walleye instead of the government.
  11. I have a question about this new reg. Can there be only 1 over 20 in a boat or 1 over 20 per person?
  12. Great Trade! We finally got davis and a center who can score. I would still like them to try and trade for Steve Francis yet.
  13. You could probably get quite a few small sunfish in a aquarium. One of my relatives has perch and small crappies in as well. They feed them fish food at a store and minnows or worms would work as well.
  14. Ive lost a few too gregens like that. Ive had walleyes come right up make a run and spit out the hook. Ive had some that shake there head and spit it out in my face. It happens to even the best fisherman.
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