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  1. You can bad mouth his coaching style but you cannot question this man's heart or will to win. He just doesn't take any sh_t from players like Gaborik or any other high priced talent. I love it, personally. I could give two sh_ts about how great gabby is, if he doesn't play any defense or thinks he is above the team, sit his a$$ on the bench! I love a coach who isn't afraid, and if you lose J. Lemaire you will get some young guy who doesn't have the balls to do what is right. Most hockey fans who coach from the couch don't have a clue what it takes to win. It isn't pretty but it is hockey in its purest form and that is what it takes to win.
  2. You are correct faster. There is no way the WCHA kicks out Alaska. How is the wife and kids? I think we need to get some season tickets for the beavers next year. Eh?
  3. I love this coach. He does things his own way. If you don't like it, I understand. I happen to like his style.
  4. Las yer I make 9 hundred tousand. Dis yer, I make 4 millzons.
  5. Coach Lemaire ordering a breakfast: "Id tak a two peez a bacon, parallel" "Id tak to peez of toaz" "Id tak two egg, sunny looking up into de sky" "Id tak a glass of juuce, oraaange" "And that will complete my ordor"
  6. Bemidji is a hockey town. We are getting the fever and nobody can stop it now. Can you imagine the difference between seeing the badgers, gophers, sioux, and tigers vs. robert morris, huntsville, and niagra? This is the cusp of great hockey and the people of Bemidji, who have limited hockey knowledge, are getting ready for a big time education. Now it is a wait and see.
  7. redlake


    You can bet your butt the Wild would take a TJ Oshie. It all comes down to making good draft choices doesn't it? Lets face it, the Wild are not going to win the cup on free agency. The Wild have crapped the bed lately with Sheppard, Gillies, and Puloit. My blame goes directly to D.R.
  8. Thank you Peir. I do appreciated your kind words. I don't feel one bit bad for my Sioux team. They also earned the end of their season. Maybe next year. It is a long wait until April 9th. Maybe the snow will melt by then. I am not sure why hockey isn't more popular. It is such a fun game to watch. Anyone have any ideas on why this is?
  9. You have to love ESPN U. The channel nobody has. May a camel with a weak kidney find ESPN's jellybean jar.
  10. I can't tell you how proud I am of this Beaver hockey team. I get to skate with some of the Beaver players in the summer and know most of these guys. Coach Serratore is a class act. This should get BSU into the WCHA and getting a new arena will help with recruiting. You just never know what can happen if you have a hot goaltender.
  11. Wow. It is a free country. Jump around and celebrate like a goof if you must. OR, just raise your stick in the air like #99. Either way, I still want to see him get railroaded with a hard hip check or shoulder to the chin. I don't like Mr. Ovechkin and that is my exercising of the 1st amendment.
  12. He disrespects the game of hockey every time he steps on the ice. It makes me sick. I am wishing for the ghost of Scott Stevens to lay a check on this clown and shut him up for a while.
  13. The "maroon loon" is by far the best mascot I have ever seen in action. Back in the 80's and 90's the loon would skate around the old Winter Sports Center in Grand Forks between periods. Hilarious stuff. Physical comedy like tripping over the blue lines and crashing into the boards. Crashing into the players boxes. The loon would drag around a stuffed bulldog on a string and speed skate around the ice. Funny stuff.
  14. I was thinking the same thing Ten Thousand. Those sum-a-beech's have an east coast bias like I have never seen. ESPN doesn't watch a lick of college hockey in the midwest and then they take over and manipulate the tournament. You know that money talks. It almost got the goofs into the tournament. This is why I could never ever cheer for an eastern school. No way. Go UMD, North Dakota, Bemidji, and even the dirty pioneers of Denver. Lets hope the WCHA and Bemidji State represent us well.
  15. "In heaven there is no beer, That's why we drink it here, And when we're gone from here, our friends will be drinking all our beer. Ba Pa Ba Pa Ba Ba Ba..." Call me crazy but my money is on the Duluth Bulldogs to win it ALL! They are coming out of the Minneapolis Bracket if they keep rolling like they are. New Hampshire, ND, and Boston U is a cluster_uck and who knows what will happen there. Best goaltending will come out of that mess. Cornell will come out of Grand Rapids. And, probably Michigan from Bridgeport. So, your Frozen Four is Michigan, Cornell, UMD, and Boston U.
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