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  1. The 13 dollar one at Walmart. I have the Mr. Twister too. I prefer the cheep one. (It was actually less than 13$. Works great.
  2. Keep the water close to freezing and no aeration will be needed. Shiners or fatheads.
  3. Black light (UV)will be best way to charge. Inversely the brightness and length of glow depends on the color of the glow. Red=longer but less bright due to longer wavelength. ROYGBIV= Remember that from school? Uv is to the left of R(red). Uv light is invisible to us. Fish are believed to see uv.
  4. Just keep them from freezing. Fatheads are tough. You can add water once a week if you want. If it is city water let it sit for at least a day before you add it.
  5. Be sure to use a clear top coat if you are using vinyl. If it comes in contact with soft plastics it turns to goo.
  6. Your best bet is online. Barlows Hagens Lure parts online
  7. A well known online auction site is the answer to your riddle. On the second question I am a firm believer in long shanks for walleye. Unless they are very agressive the walleye rarely inhales the jig and all. More often than not they will attempt to pick the bait from the jig. We have seen a big hook up increase since we switched to longer shanked hooks. The same goes for ice fishing spoons. Adding a wire clip to get the treble further from the spoon has really worked well.
  8. Making plastic baits is a lot of fun. You need a mold, and old microwave, some plastic and a Pyrex cup to get started. The next step of the disease is injectors, 2 sided aluminum injection molds, dyes, flake,scents and salt. The last stage of the illness is having custom molds machines for you. Lot's of fun but easily can spiral into an addiction. For starters you should be able to purchase a hand pour multi cavity Senko mold for about 50 + shipping on an e auction site.
  9. Fleet farm will have some of your basic molds. Barlows will be your best buy online other than buying new or used off of an e auction site.
  10. Vinyl paint is another good jig paint. You must use a white base coat. Multi color jigs and air brushing can be done with this paint. You can get it at Fleet Farm in the fishing section. Some glow colors are available as well as in powder paints. The use of a white bade coat for powder glow jigs gives you a much better result. I like to fully cure the white base coat on the powder before applying the glow colors. If not your white base coat may run and ruin you jig.
  11. Powder paint has got to be cured in an oven. Each color varies with the ideal temperature and time. Generally if you go 350(preheated) for 15 minutes you should be good to go. If you are dipping without a fluid bed chances are you will get drips. If this is a problem just hang your jig hook down. The drip goes down the shank and can be broken off. Always clear the eye before curing. Powder paint is very durable when cured. If your jigs are heavily oxidized they may need to be cleaned before painting. Chipping should not be a problem.
  12. ddsbyday

    Crappie Jig

    It's called a shad dart. Can be purchased in bulk from Hagen's.
  13. A simple way is to use a 1.5 or 2 oz. keel sinker on a long enough leader to be sure you can land the fish. I usually make the leader as long as the tip of my rod to the reel. I would make them longer but if you are out by yourself it is hard to net them if the leader is any longer. It is a very effective technique for any lake with ciscos present.
  14. Does Canada define a lure the same as Minnesota does. The reason I ask is I am curious if you can use stinger trebles on a jig or a jig with a treble? Would your basic quick strike rig be legal? Thanks in advance.
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