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  1. i have the rockys and use them for work, never used for ice fishing but think they would be just fine
  2. thanks guys, thats gotta be the worst feeling in the world coming home and seeing my vex on its side with all the foam pieces everywhere, my pooch is lucky he is not in the free section right now. later
  3. my dog decided that he wanted it for a toy and chewed to nothing lucky he didn't nick the cord at all. does anyone know a store that sells them or should i order from vex.
  4. yep in the toy and gift catalog from fleet, if anyone looks into it i would be interested to know if the other two models are on sale as well thanks for the help
  5. i saw the walley on sale at fleet for 319. sounds like a pretty good deal does anyone know anything about them. any info. would be craptastic
  6. hey when your window was broken did you borrow a cell from a guy in a green dakota with a meen lookin dog, that guy is me
  7. thanks for the advice ozzie, hopefully i can find a cheap used one, otherwise i'll just have to bite the bullet and buy a new one
  8. looking to purchase a one man portable, would like to hear any rants or raves
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