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  1. I have a new in the box Minn Kota Traxxis trolling motor for sale. 42" shaft, 70 lb thrust, 24 volt. I got this as a birthday gift but I had a tree that landed on my boat and totaled it so not sure when I purchase a new boat if I will need this or not. Purchased from Crystal Pierz in Brainerd. I think my dad paid a little over $400 for the motor. I am selling for $300. Location: Sartell, MN. Scott Ashby cell 612-226-5219 [email protected]
  2. The fishing was pretty slow when we were up. We only boated 2: 50.5 & 34.25. Fish were in the smaller rock & cabbage areas but had not moved to the cabbage flats. If any fish were around the flats they were positioned just off the edge. I am sure that will change by the time you are up. The water was still pretty cool 66-67. We found some warmer surface temps in the 70's and the muskies seemed to be moving in those areas. Scott
  3. We stayed at the northern most camp last year, the one in the bay and I am assuming we will be at the same camp again. I will keep an eye out for your boat. Scott
  4. I will be leaving on the 19th so swing on by Paridise Cove and I will be happy to share some reports. I have a 19ft Monark with a 125 saltwater merc. Scott
  5. Curious to hear how the fishing has been up in the Minaki area. Just looking for water temps and how the weed growth has been. Heading up to chase the skis on the 12th. Scott
  6. Seems like I have found that big fish will be moving closer to moon rise/set than anything else. I have also found that I have caught alot of fish about an hour after moon rise. Something wierd about it, but it seems to be a pattern. Anyone else notice that? I don't believe in the just go out and fish, because I feel you can be much more productive during peak periods. I only say that due to multiple fish in the boat during peak periods. I would like to hear other prospectives as I know that my findings could be biased from the hours I typcially fish. Scott
  7. Stick with your larger Jakes and troll the 20 ft depths on Tonka. Troll just outside where you would nomally cast and you should have some luck. I usually try to work 3.5 mph with the Jakes about 65 back. If things are slow don't be afraid to cast shallow yet as we have been seeing a few shallow. Bright colored gliders have been moving fish. Scott
  8. I think the night bite has picked up during post frontal conditions on Tonka.
  9. Contacting some of the weeds is not a bad thing. The muskies use the weeds to ambush thier prey and will hit as the bait rips through the weeds. You may want to start with a top prop bait as this is much easier to work over the shorline and topwater jerk baits. As the water cools work your shallow invader parallel to the weed edges and that should put you in contact with a pig or two.
  10. Most of the Muskies I have seen this year have come right off the shoreline. If you are interested shoot me an email and we can buzz out and share some spots. [email protected]
  11. What are the best colors for Hellhound's from experience. I am looking for info on fish boated and water type: clear vs. stained water. I would assume Firetiger, but any other colors that people have found productive. Scott Ashby
  12. I picked up an Aqua-View scout last year. I don't think they are a waste of money. I use it quite a bit during open water to find weed edges and structure. I find they work best in low light conditions. The only thing is that if I bought another I would get one that has multiple camera angles as I find it can be tedious to turn the camera to find your bait. I have not had trouble on any lakes viewing fish.
  13. No, I got last year. 3 HP model 30.
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