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  1. There are great reports of Steelhead coming in right now if anyone can swing a trip!
  2. Good Morning! Last year I was not able to go to Lake Michigan so I am getting jacked up for this year. Would love to go right now for some early Coho action but it is always a struggle to find an open weekend the same time walleye gets going here in MN. If you are able to get out there the Coho are going right now. I believe they are as far north as Milwaukee if you want to plan a trip. I probably won't be able to make it until July or August but looking forward to it. Anyone else getting excited?
  3. Is there a paper map at the bait shop or another source that has points identified? I have the Navionics map for my phone but sometimes areas in reports are identified by whatever point or hill etc. Heading there this weekend and appreciate the help!
  4. We were there weekend of Sept 5-6. Did pretty well on bottom bouncers in 10-20 feet of water. We used mostly crawlers as leeches were scarce but the small amount of leeches we had also got bit. Lots of 12-17 inch fish. Biggest we boated was around 20 inches so nothing huge but lots of action. Did see a boat come in with a limit of big fish they were putting the knife to..... kind of sad to see but to each there own. There were a lot of boats and shore fisherman stacking up at the bridges and most were catching fish.
  5. I have only been to DL once in early summer. What type of tactics do guys use in early September? Casting into the trees, trolling deeper? Can perch be found or are they still scattered? Have a trip coming up and am just looking for some advice on what to bring and any advice is appreciated! Thanks, Sutty
  6. I have only fished Superior once a few years ago. In terms of setup I started with two downriggers and two leadcore lines and just ran standard size spoons. As I recall we caught 6-8 Lakers and a 2 year old king. I did better on the lead that day. Not sure that is a whole lot of help but thats what I remember off the top. On another note there are a lot of good reports right now on Michigan if anyone is getting ready for a trip over there. A good mix of Kings, Bows, Browns, and Lakers depending on the port.
  7. Like Tunrevir said a few posts back it appears as the water temps are starting to set up and reports are getting more positive on Michigan. I am gearing up for my first trip this year. I am adding copper to the spread so that should help the deep water action Anybody else going to be in the Algoma\Kew area the next several weeks? I have a walleye trip I need to get to first but then will be heading out sometime late July early Aug. Sutty
  8. My First I wish everyone have a safe and successful hunt this year. I believe the DNR has a pretty good grasp of what deer hunters want. When it comes to counting and managing well... that's for another day Most hunters just want to get out and be able to shoot whatever they want. APR backers are currently in the minority and it is not close. Opinions may change in the future and if they do then we could see different regulations. However I believe if opinions changed we wouldn't need any new regulations. More people would hold off on the younger deer. I like the current seasons. I hunt in slug land and not long ago we had 2 days to hunt. That encouraged the shoot anything mentality (not that there is anything wrong with that) Now people can be more patient if they choose to and I believe there are now starting to be more mature deer around.
  9. I have been hearing good reports from Lake Michigan recently. Lots of mixed bag catches including Kings, Coho, and Bows from the various ports. People tend to fish the lake primarily in the summer but a good fall bite can be had as well.
  10. +1 I have had good luck with used ones.
  11. I believe the knife that gets the most consistent reviews is the Mr. Twister. I use it on Salmon without issue. They don't cost much and you can find them on sale from time to time. Look for the ones that have the sharp point instead of the rounded ones. If you use them on salmon pick up a set of the longer blades. I bought a spare knife assuming I will burn out my first one. Still going strong after about five years. It has cleaned a lot of fish.
  12. I would recommend Slam Dunk as well. Great fisherman as well as a fun captain.
  13. I have heard of a few reports of OK action. I think the lake is starting to set up for a better near shore bite. Mostly guys are heading out deep and fishing up high for bows. A few kings are mixed in. I will be heading over for my first trip this year in July. (Kew/Algoma Lake Michigan)
  14. The Scotty releases work well for salmon. They have a bright tip that works well for setting in the dark. For walleye the adjustable releases are the way to go.
  15. I would recommend getting a pair of downriggers. You can find a used pair pretty easily and they are well worth the money. 100-150 bucks a piece typically. You can always sell them and get what you paid for them so you won't be out anything. As others mentioned it is the best way to reel in fish. Just you and the fish nothing else in the middle. It is amazing how many people can just not see that 10 color lead core rod bouncing away :-) If you really get into it you can always upgrade to electrics later on. Come up with a way that you can mount/remove your downriggers. Typically either a board across the back cleats or a track system.
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