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  1. I am planning a trip right now for July 2nd through the 12th and I am thinking about getting wife on some fish. I am wondering if there are any recommendations for the following: 1- river guided trip for kings near Copper Landing 2- Butt fishing out of Homer 3- I also saw whale watching/fishing trip out of Seward with Alaska Salt Water Lodge. Has anyone used them before? I think that the wife might like this trip. Any information would be very helpfull. The rest of the trip I plan on doing some hiking / combat fishing / Kayaking / rafting / visiting small towns. I am just trying to get a breath of it all while we are there. Thanks for the help If you have any places that you would recommend for fishing on my own for some salmon along the way from Seward to Homer that would be great also. I am up for anything at this point in time.
  2. Thanks for all the information. This is my first trip to Alaska and want to get a good run at the entire area. I thought about the RV thing and for this trip I dont think that it will happen. I have been looking alot a room and board and can usually find something for 110-150 bucks a night and then the 70 or so for a car during the day. I figure it is about a wash as far as a RV or taking a car and staying in hotels. Thus the better half elected the hotels. Sounds like it could be a halibut trip in Seward and Homer. (Why not fish for halibut twice ) Then maybe some river fishing in Soldtna. I think that we will be stopping and hiking a lot on the way to Seward so we are going to stay in Hope for a night. Then we can take our time from Hope to Seward. The better half can then do some shopping in Seward. Grew up in Coon Rapids. I have been living in New Hope for 3 years now. Thanks everyone for the information if you have any more information post away, We are going to start booking things this week. I know it is a little late but what can you do.
  3. Just looking for any information out there. I am currenly planning a trip to Alaska July 3rd through the 13th. So far I have the following: Fly into Anchorage. Drive to Gridlewood and spend the night there. Staying at the Alt House. Next morning heading to Whitter for a day cruise on the Prince of William Sound from here heading to Hope and spending the night. Next day head down to Steward. Stopping at Exit Glacier. Sled dog ride and some hiking along the way. Next morning do on the Kenai Fjords boat ride and do some fishing on some local rivers. Next day head out on the charter trip. Most likly a day long halibut day or a split day of salmon and halibut. Next head up to Kenai and do on Kayaking. Next day spend a 1/2 day on the Kenai on a river boat. Head to Homer and spend the next 2 nights in the Homer area. Head back and stay in Soldotna. A few questions for you out there. Is it hard / take to much time to do this much traveling each day. Is there any areas that I can try and do some fishing on my own on this trip that is worth my time? If so what type of tackle / presentations should I use. I plan on bringing a couple of poles. Where is it better to go fishing Steward or Homer? I for sure am going to try a river trip on the Kenai and at least 1 charter in Homer or Steward. Do you have any recommendations for a guide to use in. Steward? Keani / Soldotna Homer Any other area on this trip? Any information would be great. My wife and I are looking forward to the adventure. thanks
  4. Thinking about going up to Alaska and have begun to set things up. I am looking at heading up there the first week in July with my wife. I have started a itinerary of things to do and seeing if anyone has any information / suggestions. We both like to fish/hike/ be outside. Fly into Anchorage and spend the night there. First morning take a train down to Steward. Spend the next 2 days in Steward at the Kenai national park. Ocean tour / hiking in the park. Next rent a car and travel to Soldotna / Kenai. Spend a 3 days there fishing / hiking. Then head down to Homer for a Halibut trip. Spend 1-2 days there. Then drive back to Anchorage. I have a few questions about this area / trip. Is it easy to find a place to stay with a RV if I decide to rent one rather than a car? Is there places to just pull in or do I have to get reservations months in advance? Does anyone have any advice of a charter boat in Kenai / Soldotna / homer for salmon and Hailbut fishing? Would it be better to take a charter boat out of Steward for a day of fishing? How hard is it to just go out on your own and fish for some salmon from shore in these areas. I have never fished salmon but have fished for everything else under the sun. This might just be a day with the wife that turns into an extra fishing trip. How far in advance do I usually have to book a charter trip? Are there any recommendations for lodging in Kenai / Soldotna? Maybe stay in one place for 3-4 days and just take day trips from a base camp. Any information would be great. I am just weighing my options between renting a RV or staying in a hotel / resort for the entire trip. Thanks
  5. I also have a British Lab. 1 year old now. Great pup. Although I do not hunt at all she is a great family dog. Very easily trained, calm in the house, great around kids. She is great in the boat and she also is only 43 lbs. I dont think she is going to grown anymore. A perfect house dog. I also used the same book that dbl stated above and found it very easy to train her. Just stay with it and make sure that they know that you are the boss and they have to listen to you. DBL you still have to bring over you dog to play with mine some time.
  6. Thanks for the updates. I am heading up this Friday, cannot wait to wet a line. Sounds like we will be able to run the chutes. I was hoping we could. How has the fishing up there been this year? Are the eyes still in shallow? I know that it is usually great for the walleyes and smallmouth. We have been going up for 6 years now maybe this year we get that 30" eye. Thanks for the information.
  7. That is correct the chutes run between the two lakes. I am not sure where the launch is on Minnitaki if you cannot run the chutes. Abrams, any update from last weekend. I head up the first weekend in June. Hopefully I will be able to run up the chutes. I always like to fish minnitaki if I can. thanks
  8. I am heading up to Minnetaki in early June and I was just wondering on lake levels. Will I be able to run up the chutes into taki or is the water level to low. I know that it was really bad last fall but have not heard if it has gone up this spring. I just got a new boat last fall and I am a little worried about taking out the lower unit going up the chutes. I run a 115 so I need a little water to run in. Any information would be great Thanks
  9. Well after video taping my dog tonight while I was gone for a hour. I can tell that she just hates her kennel. She would just stand and bark for the first 50 minutes she then layed down and took it easy for a little while. Either way I guess I need to train her better for the kennel. Does anyone have any ideas for this? I am thinking put her in there when I am home for short stints for 15 minutes or so then work up from there. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks
  10. I was wondering about this. Any pointers on how to get rid of this issue? I might have to do a little homework tonight with my training book I think that there was a section on this. She does like to be around people all the time and she doesn't have any issues when she is not in the cage. The room that she is in is fairly cold (65) so I dont think that she is overheating, Thanks
  11. I am recently having problems with my 7 month old British Lab. When we crate her during the day she will go in the crate just fine and sit down but then when we come home (6 hours at the most) she will have very damp bedding and she will immediatly run to the water dish and drink the whole thing. Last night I put her in the kennel before I headed out for dinner and took all of the bedding out. Just to see if it was pee. When I came back there was liquid / drool on the sides of the kennel on the bottom on the top. Just small droplets of it though. It was not Pee and could have been drool. I then took her out and her all of her paws were wet almost like she had jumped into a bath tub of water up. I am just wondering if anyone else had heard this of happening or not. I am going to video tape her tonight and see what the heck she is doing. Any ideas or bets out there? I think that she might just be getting worked up and drooling then shaking her head. If this is the case how do I correct this? Other then this small issue she is a great dog. Very easy to train and very calm temperment. Any information or advice would be great Thanks in advance for any info
  12. MN_Iceman

    bark collar?

    Is there any reason why you are going directly to a bark collar? I have a 4 month old lab now and she went through this phase at about 2 months old that she liked to bark. I quickly and easliy fixed this by the following mannor: If she barked I slowly walked towards her and got a hold of her mouth keeping it closed and firmly said no while I put my face right in line with her's. It did not take her long to figure out that she should not be barking. Make sure that you do not chase her though. She will think that it is a big game and then you might have some issues. I must have some bad breath
  13. Fishing Magician- We need to head up there soon with luvenlifeguy. Get him away from the kid for a little while. i just got a boat and am itching to get up there for the night bite. I also dont see you guys signed up for hockey this season. I guess you are getting a little old to run with the young guns. We will have to meet up soon. I am always looking for another person to get up to the pond with Icemen Hockey
  14. Thanks for the help. I decided on a British Red lab pup and have not regreted it yet. Only 2 days into the puppy scene but she has been doing great. She has not had a mistake yet and is already starting to get a hang of where she needs to go when she has to go potty. Really smart dog. Thanks again for the help
  15. Does anyone out there have any recomendations for breeders of a black lab? I am not so much looking for a hunting dog but rather a dog that can be trained to be well mannored and a good family dog. Any information would be great. I have been looking for a while and have a few leads but any information would be great.
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