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  1. Looking for anybody that's fished Big Lake (25 mi NNW of Ely) yet this season. Going up the second week in June and looking for some intel.
  2. Had to go to the boat and take another look at the jigs. The eye is on the same side as the curve of the hook, so both would be facing down as the sinker bounces off the bottom. Makes sense that you would hook the minnow from the top of the head for the jigs I'm fishing if you want it to run upright. Paceman, could be we're talking different kinds of floating jig heads.
  3. Hmmm...so THAT'S what I'm doing wrong.... That's why I'm here...to learn!
  4. Swivel to the line with a bullet (1/4-1/2 oz) weight above it and 3' mono leader tied to the jig (loop knot is what my granddad called it) is all I've ever used. If using a minnow, be sure to hook it top to bottom so it doesn't trail belly up (since the weight will bounce off the rocks -- in theory -- as opposed to getting hung up between them -- which happens a LOT)so the jig will be upside down (hook facing down). If all you're getting is bullheads, your leader may not be long enough.
  5. I'll be thinking of you all Sat morning when I'm stuck in central Illinois. I sure do miss Minnesota, land of my boyhood.
  6. Anybody have any luck with floating (balsa) jig heads (with leeches or minnows)on about a 3' leader? Had quite a bit of luck on Leech and Vermillion in past years.
  7. Thanks guys. Have always done well slow trolling floating jig heads tipped with small leeches on Leech, Vermillion, and others. Might have to change tactics a bit and go with mostly jigging on the windward sides and dropp offs. Would lose lots of gear on the rocks trolling something that bounces off the bottom. Water should still be fairly cool by the second week in June, but should warm up fast since the lake is so shallow. Will definitely watch out for the rocks (no high-speed stuff -- not many eyes caught that way anyhow).
  8. Appreciate the advice. I pretty much assumed that might be the case when I saw how shallow it is (deepest 22' with average of 15' over the lake). Taking my Lund 17' with 60 Yamaha and 10 Johnson. Guess I won't bother putting a new prop on the Yamaha.
  9. I'm headed up to Big Lake (25 mi. NW of Ely) 14-22 Jun and wondered if anybody had any experience on the lake. My first time. thanks,
  10. I'm from O'Fallon (20 mi East of St. Louis). Bought a 2002 Lund 1700 3 weeks ago and have had it on Carlyle and Shelbyville (both 95-degree days) and going to Rend tomorrow. Needless to say, didn't catch much the first 2 days out. Looking forward to some cooler weather for the crappies to start.
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