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  1. The only thing missing from #4 picture is a remote and a beer. Thank you for your kind comments.
  2. This is Tito. He's a Cairn Terrier and something else, we think he's part porcupine, too. I adopted him from my friend who had to move out of state. These pictures were taken with a 10 MP Canon 640 Powershot. Nap Time: Smile for me: I like this couch: Who's got food? I want some food:
  3. The bass have found a new permanent home at Cabela's Rogers. They should be in the main tank by Saturday afternoon.
  4. I've had my bass for about 4 years going on to 5. I've had them since they were fingerlings. Yes, they do eat. I remember when I used to buy crappy minnows for them and pick out the smallest ones. Now, they can take a small sucker minnow and everything else in between. They do like an occasional leech however. For some reason, when I gave them night crawlers, they don't want to touch it and just let it swim along the tank.
  5. Gonna take my bass to Cabela's Rogers tomorrow at noon. Don't have the time to care for the tank or fish anymore, bummer. Had them since they were babies now they're about 17 to 18 inches long. Sad to see them go but at least they won't be caught or killed.
  6. I have 3 gold fish that were raised from feeders. I also have a bull head. I don't have time to take care of the 55 gallon tank anymore. Work has been tough and we're short 2 guys. Free to anyone interested. I can deliver them to you if you're in the St. Paul or nearby suburbs. [email protected]
  7. Here's the latest update: I used aquarium salt bought from Walmart for the salt dip. I put the bass in there and monitored it for 2 minutes. He started to go sideways a bit, not quite laying on its side yet. I removed it and put it back in the tank for 15 minutes. Then the process was repeated for 2 more times. Approx. 10-12 hours later, I checked back on the bass. WOW!!! No more parasite protruding from its head and gills. It's as clean as a fush should look like. However, there are several rather large gaping holes in his head where the parasites were. The holes look raw and seems to be deep. The bass is fine, still alive and still an eating machine. This was a new concept and very helpful information for me about LMB. As of today, 01/02/08, the holes are looking like it's closing but a little slow. There are quite a few differences today versus a couple of weeks ago. But what's really odd to me was that none of his tank mates caught the parasite problem. They all eat minnows from the same source and live in the same environment. Weird!!! I did not use peroxide for fear of an unknown result. I wanted to take one treatment step at a time so I can reduce the stress level on a fish especially when I've had these two since they were "fingerlings". Since the salt dip came out with positive results, I did not find further need to use peroxide as suggested. Here are pics of the result:
  8. Can I post pics of my bass from my tank on to this POST? Is that against the rules meaning my bass has to be caught in the wild only?
  9. Update: I went to World of Fish in Richfield to seek expert advice. I took those same pictures and a few more on my digital camera and showed it to Bob, who works there. His knowledge of fish was exceptional. I presented the pictures and explained the situation to him. Bob suggested that I take the infected bass and give him a salt dip, I was like, a salt dip for a fresh water fish? That is insane!!! Then the process was explained to me why and how it works, and it made lots of sense. Apparently, fresh water parasites will disengage from the host if you dip the fish in salt water, and the same with salt water fish into fresh water. Oh, and it has to be aquarium salt, not your typical kitchen salt. This opened a whole new concept for me and new information too. I was told to keep a close eye on the fish during the salt bath and remove the fish when it seems to be floundering or gasping for air. This process can be repeated up to 30 minutes. The salintiy solution will cause the parasites to disengage from the fish without too much harm. I will post the results.....once the salt dip is completed.
  10. There are times at night when the infected bass will slam itself against my filter uptake tube. It rattles the whole filter but that's about it. There are also times when it will splash water out of the tank onto my wall. I'm not a fish amateur and this is not the first time I've had fish, however, it IS the first time I've had this species of fish.
  11. Please help!!! I have two(2) bass in my 55 gallon tank. The following problem started about 1 week ago and I don't know how to treat it. There are white parasite looking things on one of the bass' head. It grew more and more over a week period. I've tried to use Melafix and checked my PH level without result. The strange thing is that only one bass is infected with this parasite, the other one is fine just like a normal bass. There are also two other occupants in the tank, 1 bull head and one sun fish. Those two are not infected by this disease. I've included 2 pictures to illustrate the problem, if anyone has knowledge on this subject, I would really like to hear what your opinion is and how to go about treating this parasite situation. I've owned these bass since they were about "yearling" and now they're about 2 pounds each. I love to see them chase minnows when it comes to feeding time. Eventually, when they're too big for the tank, they are destined for Cabela's in Rogers, with proper transport papers and fees of course. So here are 2 pics of this parasite, I have more if anyone wants to see a better detail. This is a picture of the bass before the infection: This is what that same bass look like after infection: This is a picture of my sun fish in the same tank but without any infections:
  12. Yes, I found out he was pit bull mixed with retriever.
  13. Why do we park on a driveway but we drive on a parkway?
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