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  1. what i like to have is poptarts and mt dew. Much faster and you can eat it on the go.
  2. Went ot friday night got 2 about 15 20 min apart both about 44" went out agin this mornig got one a 47" and lost one that hit right next to the boat that was about 40" or so. be back out to night and sunday morning hope to get a couple more.
  3. I think that if we would have went out earlier on saturday there would be more pics to show but thats how it goes.
  4. Any one else have a good weekend? We went out friday night 6:30 to 12:00 nothing went out again saturday night 6:00 to 11:30 I got one a nice 45.25 then went out sunday morining 6:00 to 12:00 and I got a 41 right off the bat my buddy got a 44.25 then like 2 casts after landing the 44.25 had one come in hot but didn't get it then about 10 min later i got a 49. Not a bad weekend at all. Saturday 45.25 Sunday 41 Sunday 44.25 Sunday 49
  5. here are a couple more 41 44.25 45.25 49
  6. The baot is in about 12 to 15 FOW casting to the weeds.
  7. My buddy and I have fished waconia at least 2 days every weekend since opener and have moved fish on all but 3 trips. Saturday of opener the first friday after opener and this last saturday the 28th were the only time we didnt see any thing. I think the only reason we didnt see any the friday after opener was because there were 4ft rollers and that made it hard to see any thing. All the other trips we moved multiple fish.
  8. Im out there almost every weekend and you will se a few boats that are musky fishing but most are bass fishing. So in my opinion it dosen't get heavy pressure.
  9. Was out thursday from about 1:00Pm to 6:30pm or so and got 2 follows. Went back out friday night from about 6:30 till 11:45 between 3 guys had 3 follows on bucktails and one hot follow on a topwater but the guy using the topwater was a first timer and instead of the figure 8 he just pulled it right out of the water. Could have been his first musky on his first trip but maybe nextime. Pretty sure that me and my buddy will be out there this afternoon trying to get one. Got a 47" on sunday of opener on Wac.
  10. Went back out sunday at about noon Moved 1 fish mid 40"s about 1:30 had a high 30's pike follow around 3:00 saw a low 40"S ski just swimming on the other side of the boat from which we were fishing at about 3:30. Then at about 4:15 or so got a hot follow and stuck the 47 incher on the figure 8 good fight took 3 runs then got her in the net. Not bad for a total of 12 hrs fishing in 2 days
  11. Was out saturday for about 8hrs and nothing didn't even see one. Went back out sunday for about 4hrs had one follow saw one just crusin around and then at about 4:30 landed a 47. So there in there just have to be willing to go find them.
  12. Same here was out from about 6:00am thru 10:45am and nothing. Then again from about 5:00pm thru 9:00pm same thing had some sheep head or carp follow a couple times but thats it.
  13. I use BC with an improved cilinder and haven't had any problems with blowing ducks apart. You can see the difference in the wound holes though.
  14. My buddys parents have a cabin in Wirt and we hunt up there every weekend. Opener was good lots of teal a few rings and 2 woodies. Last weekend was very slow saturday shot 4 birds two rings a bill and a pin. Sunday was even slower got a look at about a dozen birds all morning and shot one woodie. Just hope the cold weather they are getting up there is moving some birds around or it could be very slow. Good luck
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