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  1. Tippman - Did you buddy sell his canoe yet? I would like to track him down. I am in the market for a used canoe and would like to talk to him. tgparts32 @ hotmail ((Contact Us Please)) com Thanks!
  2. Valv - Will you be around this weekend? Send me an e-mail - [email protected] - Shoot me a price and if I can make some space in my garage I'll take them off your hands. Thanks
  3. I put the Pet Safe system in about two years ago. The wire took about an hour to put in with a shovel. There is no need to bury it very deep, most of mine in about two inched bellow the surface - so installation goes pretty fast. It's worked flawlessly since. I keep the dog in the back yard and he knows just how far he can go without a "reminder". Even on the rare occasion he makes it outside without the collar he doesn't test the boundaries. I think I paid around $200 for the kit from Fleet Farm. I have no regrets.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I still have a few weeks to plan and your expierience will help me get ready - I'll let you know how things turn out.
  5. Guys - I'll be up in the BWCA during the end of May. Three of the lakes I'll be on ( including the lake we will base camp ) are known for trout. I am no expert fisherman - for about the last two years I've been getting out on the lake pretty consistently, but mostly on area metro lakes looking for pan fish. Sometimes I'll target bass or pike depending on the lake. I have never caught a trout. I'll be taking a bait caster, maybe a spinning reel as well - two rods, medium and light action. I have a few weeks to sift through my gear and decide what to take. Any recommendations for a guy like me? - Both in terms of what to bring as well as recommendation for trout fishing lakes from a canoe? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Buzzsaw! Great research! - The article on the Cougar in Savage is pretty amazing. Savage would not be my first guess if I were asked where a cougar would be attracted. I find it interesting that although cougars are not considered endangered (Only the eastern cougar is protected) the state of Minnesota has laws prohibiting the killing of cougars. Like I've said before, I'm not worried about a cougar attack - but if I was part of the family of your second article, I would certainly want the opportunity to exercise a permanent solution without "breaking the law"
  7. Geez guys - I'm already drooling and it'll be at least 9 hours until dinner. I guess that's my punishment for scanning the forumn at work...... Our preferred method - We'll take the thawed tenderloin or 8" - 12" sections of blackstrap and roll in Canadian Steak Seasoning. Heat up a lightly oiled pan and seer the whole piece, kind of rolling it in the pan. Sprinkle with a little more seasoning and put it on a broiler pan and slip into the oven - Depending on the cut, 375 - 425 works well - My wife has a knack for knowing just how long to bake until it gets that nice uniform pink center - ( sorry guys with I could be more specific) Slice into 3/4 pieces across the grain and eat! The seasoning adds a little flavor without covering the flavor of the meat. A few years ago I fell in love with Canadian Steak Seasoning. It's marketed by Tones - we buy ours at Sams club. Ingredients: Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Black Pepper, Dehydrated Onion, Spices, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Red Pepper. Something about a little salt, garlic and pepper that appeals to me on steaks & roasts. Since I found this stuff I haven't use any steak sauce in a bottle - they seem to bury the flavor of the meat too much for me.
  8. Quote: You guys would love to recruit an agitator who types fast like me, wouldn't you? Naw, we try to restrict the agitators to the other teams - Besides, what fun would life be if ALL of the smart people we on my side?
  9. Crickschop04 - That would be something to see! If there is a way you could post that photo, I imagine we would all would love to check out that photo.
  10. M.T. - For what it's worth, I doubt you and I agree on much related to politics, but I appreciate your posts on this subject. The point you make is an excellent one that applies to so much more than the topic of this thread. Don't get me wrong guys, I look at the dump that organizations like PETA put out and wonder how anyone can take that stuff seriously. But some people do, and when I object, it IS my responsibility to be able to communicate my position clearly on this or another topics that I could represent in a discussion. Little credibility is ever earned by those who cannot articulate their position effectively. In any case, I believe that we HAVE to keep one eye on these type of organizations - no matter how nuts they seem to us. There is a lot of truth to Hook's comment on "Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it" and left unchallenged groups like PETA end up finding new members. The fact is, there are plenty of people who start with no opinion and will latch onto someone else's unless a more credible position is presented. Fortunately, groups like PETA are often are their own worst PR firm, but with 850,000 members and a $25 million dollar budget we would be foolish to write them off completely as "Just a bunch of Nuts". Even a bunch of nuts with $25 million can have an impact on the things that all of us here value if we let them. Now, the real question I have is - If M.T. is such a critical thinker, then why isn't he a Republican? ............. Just teasing you M.T., I'm sure you'll see the light someday.
  11. Hey Buzzsaw - that is a great Avitar!
  12. Excellent points guys, and I agree with your comments on the comparison completely. But that's exactly why I doubt I need to worry about it. My odds are low I will run into a cougar, even lower that it will be interested in me, and next to nil that I will become diner. They are definitely quite the predator and having very few of them around is fine with me! It seems like wildlife dangers get so much press - shark attacks, cougar attacks, bear attacks, dangers from deer, etc...... For example; I spent a few years living near Red Lodge Montana and covered hundreds of miles hiking in the mountains south of Columbus. I know many people who still live there and hike 3-4 weeks a year. No one I have met personally has ever been in any real danger form bears during hiking - harassed maybe - but never really threatened. But when one bear attack happens anywhere in Montana, one would think from reading the papers that your average hiker is lucky to escape with their life anytime they step out of their car and hit a trail. I just wanted to make the point that it's not necessary to get too excited about cougars here in Minnesota - very few of us will ever see one - fewer yet will be in a position to be concerned for their safety.
  13. Here are some interesting facts I pulled from a HSOforum and updated with the most current statistics I could find. This should add some perspective - 150 Annual human deaths in auto collisions with deer 94 deaths due to bee and wasp stings annually 73 deaths each year due to lightning strikes. 17 - 20 people killed each year by domestic dogs. (230,000+ annual attacks!) 10 human deaths resulting from snake bites. .1754 annual fatal mountain lion attacks in North America from 1890-2004 Remember folks - if you find yourself looking over your shoulder worried about an impending deadly cougar attack, you are 416 more likely to be killed by a lightning strike. I guess some of us will win the lottery, some of us get killed by cougars. The rest of us grow old going to work.
  14. Fireman - I was looking at my Jayco after reading your post - Take a good look at your camper frame. If it's anything like mine, I would have some work to do before I felt comfortable putting a hitch on it. Could be paranoia on my part, but I like lots of thick metal attached to any trailer hitch will be dating my boat. My pop-up seems to be made to be light - not strong.....
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