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  1. I know this post is a few days old buy I will answer a questions that was asked. There shouldnt be any adhesion issues when painting over powdercoating. As long as you prep the surface correctly. By scuffing it up with a scuff pad or sanding it and then using the primer. Any surface can be painted as long as the proper prep word is done. Also is some of you are thinking about getting into airbrushing lures and what not and dont have the proper ventilation or area to do it in. You can use a paint called AutoAir Colors. It is a water based paint so its easy to clean up and spray. Once you spray that you then can put your clear over the top of it. As lm90 said a double action airbrush is almost a must for complete control.
  2. Yes I still have the boat. Update: A mechanic tested it and the engine is as follows. Compression is 121 / 133. I believe that’s what it was. If not its something really close to that. There however is a bad seal/gasket in the lower unit. In order to find out which one it is, the lower unit would have to be taken apart and then it can be determined which one needs to be replaced. I was told it would cost around $300 ish to fix. So I will be dropping the price of the boat down to $1,300 to make up for the repair cost for that if you wanted to get that fixed. Was told the propeller seal/gasket is good. I think that’s what he called it. So that’s where I am at right now. If you want to pickup the boat to take to your mechanic your more then welcome to get him to test it. All I ask is a deposit to make sure once you pickup the boat that you bring it back so I don’t have to go where you live and pick it up as I don’t have anything to tow it back. I used my dads truck to usually tow it but I don’t have access to it all the time. Other then that I don’t mind if you get it tested. PRICE IS $1300
  3. Sorry I havent posted responses back. I got busy with work and such and I also forgot my login info. Yes the boat is still available and price is at $1600 right now.
  4. I believe its 16" I will double check tomorrow when I get time. There is also some sort of jack plate that was attached to it when I bought it. So that helped lift the motor out of the water a little further also. I double checked and it is about 16".
  5. For sale is a 1985 Alumacraft flat bottom 15' with a 1985 Yamaha 30 horse model number 30ELK. I would like $1600 OBO. I'm open to offers on this as I dont need it sitting around. Boat is 15" all Aluminum with new grey carpet. The beam is 59" across the top. The bottom part of the boat is 39". Comes with 4 seats. 2 are pictured that have covers over them. The other 2 seats aren’t pictured are new. Has a livewell near the front of the boat. It has a pump and everything it just has to be hooked up. I used it for storage. Has lights hooked up and trolling motor plug on bow for trolling motor. Also has a lot of storage under the bow area. This is a console boat but could be converted to a tiller handle. Comes with anchor, ropes, and other stuff. It’s a pretty much ready to go boat. Trailer was sandblasted and painted black last year. So there is no rust and everything on the trailer was re wired following the painting. So the trailer is like new. The motor is a 1985 Yamaha 30 horse model number 30elk. The 30 stands for 30 horse, E stands for electric start manual tilt, L stands for 20" shaft length, and K stands 1985. It requires a gas oil mix. Not sure of correct term for that. I have never had one problem with it. Has electronic ignition and has started every time for me. Never really used the motor much used the trolling motor more then anything. Overall the engine is in very good shape for a 1985. Only issue is that you might need a new throttle cable as the old one is getting worn out and sometimes it doesn’t work I think they cost around $30. Other then that that’s the only issue I know of. Comes with an older motor guide trolling motor that is not pictured. Has foot control. Reason I’m getting rid of this boat is because I bought a new bought instead. I was told by a buddy that it would be an ok duck hunting boat. I never duck hunted so I couldn’t tell you. I used it on the back waters of the Mississippi as it runs very shallow. To see all pictures of the boat I currently have click the photobucket link. Im only going to upload a couple to the forum post so it loads faster. I tried making them as small as I could for the forums. Bigger full size photos are found in the photobucket link. http://s191.photobucket.com/albums/z318/dafaulty1/BOAT/ Key words: jonboat, jon boat, johnboat, john boat, flatbottom, flat bottom, duck boat, Yamaha, Alumacraft Any questions you can either email me or call me 507 884 6263. If you would like more pictures of a certain item just ask and I can send them to you. Boat is located in Chatfield, MN about 12 miles south of Rochester. Brandon
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