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  1. Quote: Craigums... If your willing to take a little drive.. give Wayne Ek.. of Agape Guides a call...the dude is a great guy, a great teacher and willing to share his love of fishing! And a durn good stick on a jig pig! Wayne is over in the Alex area and will not only teach you how to toss a jig, but probably stick you on a few nice fish in the process! I second that. No doubt, Wayne is one of the best.
  2. We had a much better day today, than yesterday. Yesterday, we never got a flock close enough to deke in. Today, we had a pair land in the the middle of our spread right at dawn. A half hour later we had a group of about 15 come right in about 10 yards out and up, I blanked for the second time in a row . Followed by another group of about 20, about 15 minutes later, when the gods shined down on me and I got myself a double. Those were the last of the morning. With 5 guys we got 10 geese and a beautiful morning out in the field. I could get used to mornings like this!
  3. Light Pike are about 56 dozen in a gallon. Heavy Pike are about 34 dozen in a gallon. Does that help at all?
  4. Lobster has numbers, but tend to run smaller.
  5. Woodland

    Boat Value

    Check with the NADA web site. They have boat, motor and trailer values.
  6. snatcher20, First I must admit that I am biased, as are most, one way or another. Based on your criteria, I would agree with the Alex area. 2 hours from the cities and lots of golf, restuarants, shopping, etc. [note from admin: edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank-You] Miltona is a great lake for Walleye, Muskie, Bass and Pannies! Plus 18 holes of golf 1/2 mile from the resorts! Anyhow, thats my 2 cents! Good Luck!
  7. Call the Manager and tell him that "his" boat is being returned in 7 days, if you don't have a clean title in your hand. I'm not an insurance expert, but I don't think you can collect on an insurance claim for a boat that is titled in someone elses name. If you don't have the title, I don't think you technically own the boat. (Again, I am not expert!) A letter from your attorney might help them file the title transfer, too. Good Luck!
  8. New, they are about $500. It probably depends on how much use it got... if its got a full factory warranty, I would say thats a good deal.
  9. Full Moon tonight and 38.7 water temp.... are you trolling cranks on the flats and shoreline? What other techniques are you using now?
  10. As long as you can turn the fish up the hole, a fish would have to have a girth of over 24" to not fit up an 8" hole.
  11. I have never had much luck with the battery life on lighted bobbers, one thing or another, seems like I am replacing them way too often for the price...I now buy the "glow sticks" and attach them to my slip bobber. If I am going to replace them each time out, might as well go with the cheapest option.
  12. one more shot at the open water this weekend... then I
  13. In this heat nothing will keep minnows alive well! Ice water and a small aerator is probably your best bet. But then they will die from shock when you dip them into 80 degree lake water.
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