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  1. It has been confirmed. There will be a Madison Lake crappie tournament again this year. Date is April 25. The Madison Lake Fire Department will be mailing forms this week to those that have fished this in the past few years. RFO will have the forms also and you can generally register at the dock the day of the tournament. I don't have the prizes or entry fee yet. Should have it this week. Joe
  2. You don't see this very often, but we have our G. Loomis rods on sale. Save 20%. Spinning, bait casting. Limited supply. When they are gone, that's it. RFO in Madison Lake.
  3. Give us a call, we sell the jacket at the same price regardless of whether you buy a suit or just the jacket. Joe
  4. If you have an opportunity, stop in at the St. Paul Ice fishing show. One day left. You can see all the suits. I agree with Lee Harvey, take a hard look at the Arctic Armor. Less weight and bulk than any of the other suits plus it will keep you extremely warm and t will keep you afloat if the unthinkable happens.
  5. Temp is a big thing for minnows. Keep them as cold as possible. At our store, we keep them at around 48 degrees. The second thing is something that may be out of your control. Minnows give off ammonia. If the ammonia concentration gets too high, it will basically suffocate them. Keeping the temperature low helps keep their metabolism lower so they don't give off as much ammonia. Lastly, don't crowd them, especially in warmer water. We get by with crowding them because they generally don't last more than a day in our tanks before they become fish bait. We have had reports of people keeping their minnows alive for a few weeks in a bucket and either outside or in the beer fridge. (Spouses don't always like live bait next to their food. ) Hope that helps. Joe
  6. We will be at the show. Free Gloves and RFO hats while supply lasts. We are also participating in the Poker Run sponsored by IDI Gear. We are the largest stocking dealer of Arctic Armor in the Upper Midwest and will have all sizes and all colors in stock at the show from XS- XXXL. Stop by and talk with TO, Matt, Katy and myself. If you haven't met all of us, we are the South Central Forum Sponsors. We will also have Strikemaster re-conditioned augers and Nils Augers at the booth. Recieve a free 4 1/2" Nils hand auger ($89 value) with every Nils purchased. See you at the show. PS: We have also updated our web site and now have on-line ordering. Joe
  7. We are pleased to announce we have our new web site up and running. We have many more products and pictures to add to the site but it is available for all to peruse. We have also added on-line ordering. Feedback would be welcome. Thanks to all for your patronage of our store.
  8. Give us a call. We stock reconditioned SM Electrics. You can save quite a bit. Joe
  9. Just want to remind everyone that this weekend, Nov 21-22, we will be celebrating our 5th Ice Fishing Extravaganza. We will have specials on 2007 Otter and Clam houses, when they're gone, they're gone. Also, see all the new Otters and Clams. Remember, on new houses, free assembly. Specials on Dave Genz combos. Bill Sherck from Due North Outdoors will be here from 12:00 - 2:00 on Satuday, the 22. Arctic Armor reps will be on hand on Saturday. At 3:00, we will have a demo of the suit on Madison Lake. Free Chili from 10:00 Sat till it's gone. Specials on Cameras. Also see all the new ones for this season. See the latest in Lodge Permanent Ice Houses brought to you by Noble RV. Many other things going on. Too much to mention. So stop on in. If nothing else, the chili's good and the price is right. Joe, Matt, Katy and gang
  10. Reel Fishing Outfitters will be there with Arctic Armor in all colors and sizes. Be sure to participate in the Poker run. Bill Sherck from Due Up North will be there on Saturday. Reconditioned Strikemasters augers. Save $$$ with a reconditioned auger, Lazer Mag, Mag2000 and the Electra Lazer Nils Augers. Show special, receive a free 4 1/2" hand auger with every Nils purchased. $89 Value. You will end up with a 4 in one auger! Ask about it at the show. Stop by and chat. TO will be there, Matt, Katy and myself. See you at the show. Joe
  11. If you are attending the St. Paul Ice Fishing show the first week end of Dec., you could see all the different suits, try them on and determine which one is the best for you. Arctic Armor is great for snowmobiling due to it's light weight, warmth and it's wind proof (and if you hit open water, it will keep you afloat). Joe
  12. Rick, you are correct about them being sharp. I cut my finger showing one to a person the other day. All I did was look up for a "blink of an eye" and nicked my thumb. We stock the 8" power auger if anyone wants to see them in person.
  13. No, Humminbird is a seperate company. Marcum was purchased by Nature Vision and is now part of their line-up of products (Aqua-vu). Marcum is still available in flashers and cameras.
  14. Polarsusd81 is correct for places that have a store front where you can try them on. We will also be at the St. Paul Ice Fishing show but that is after deer hunting season. If you like, you can call any of the sponsors that retail Arctic Armor and all of us will be more than happy to help you over the phone.
  15. For those of you in Northern Iowa, SE and southern MN and western, we will be at the Northbridge Mall in Albert Lea this coming weekend, both Sat. and Sun, Oct 16 and 17. We will have all sizes at the show for the Camo and Red/Black suits. If you want to see what the PLUS suit is all about, we will have one on display. So stop on in, try them on for sizing. We will be set up for you to take immediate delivery. See you there. Joe
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