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  1. I agree a hole is a hole. Personally I use a 4.5 inch hand auger and a 6 inch power auger. I have never caught a fish I couldn't get up or back down the 4.5 inch hole. I've caught dinks all the way up to a 18 inch large mouth, through that little hole.
  2. My wife thought I had it bad I only have 3 houses. I guess I better go shopping! By the way I'll have to admit I have a problem. I'm addicted to ice fishing! Please God bring ice fast and keep it safe for all to enjoy. Thank you
  3. My family will be making a trip out to the Black Hills starting on Monday the 23rd. We are staying in a cabin at Angostura Rec Area. Any tips on bait or lures to use. My kids want to catch whatever is there, not too picky. I wouldn't mind getting some walleyes. Does anyone know of a boat rental area close by? Thanks in advance.
  4. Well I worked last night 10pm - 6am this morning and I get to do it again tonight! I'll be ringing in the New Year at work alone. I'll have to hang out here and "fish" through the lucky few who can get out there and wet a line! Happy New Year!
  5. ssendek


    You guys are sure nuts! Being on FM at 4am. Oh... wait it's not even 5am yet and I'm here! BRING ON THE ICE!!!! I too work over nights!
  6. A few friends to share the fun with. I just have to have them.
  7. A friend of mine and I were out fishing on South Center Lake and we landed one 2 pound walleye and lost one that looked about 3 times bigger at the hole. We had shiners on a tip-up, jigging minnows, but both fish hit the bio bait I was jigging. I'm sold! I need more for my trip to Mille Lacs!!!
  8. Am I too late? I would love to try them!
  9. Sorry to sit on the fence but the best day would be a lot of little ones with a few bonus big boys!
  10. ssendek

    Ice Updates

    Temps over night below freezing? I think not. The lowest reported so far as of right now is 36 degrees. I don't think anything is freezing at that temp. I guess my ice fishing will have to wait a week or so.
  11. ssendek

    Walleye lures

    I'll let you know when I get back. I'm not scheduled to go until Jan 3rd. I was just getting ideas of things to look for when I go up to the ice fishing show this coming weekend.
  12. I am looking at getting my tackle box ready for my weekend trip to Mille Lacs and was wondering what everyones favorite walleye lure is.
  13. Hi Steve! I have a 2 man Glacier and I have had no problems pulling it over snow even fully loaded with stuff. The front of the sled isn't really square. You must have seen a bad pic. I really enjoy my Glacier!
  14. I also have started ice fishing as of late. I finally have most of the equipment to go it alone and not rely on friends for an auger. So it will be alot easier to get my Alex out on the ice. I have taken him once before. He had fun so he is already as excited as I am to get going. I took him to a ice fishing contest for kids. We didn't catch anything that day but we had fun. I hope I can keep the fun part up.
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