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  1. I got a turkey on a WPA last year and walking out a federal warden checked me and never asked about what shells I was using.
  2. This Saturday, Feb 13th Anoka Pheasants Forever is having an ice fishing derby on Lake George in Anoka County. Entry fee $25. Prizes guaranteed to 40th place. For more information got to www.anokapf.org
  3. We (2 of us) hunted last weekend in zone 809A. We ended up with our limit of 4 birds. We found the birds in the lightest cover around. It didn't look like it had any cover to hold anything. These were recently grazed grasslands. Your dog needs to be close because the birds start flushing pretty easily. Anything thicker we chased up some pheasants but very few chickens.
  4. If you want one with a beeper, make sure you can turn it off and on from the transmitter. Another option is one of the newer gps and training collar combinations. Then you have no beeping at all. I have used beepers in the past and I wonder if they contribute to the dog eventually going deaf.
  5. I got a pup from them last year. He is now just over a year old and he has been a great dog. He hunted last fall and I had to put my other dog down during the season and the puppy became the main hunting dog for me. He is still learning but he pointed, relocated when the birds ran and retrieved when I actually hit any.
  6. I took the online survey. The first question is worded to get the response that they want. It is something like, do you want to see mature bucks. It doesn't have anything in there about options to change some of the rules. For example, I would like to see the 3A season go back to bucks only. That would distribute the hunters more evenly between the two seasons. Now more of the hunters are going to 3A because why hunt later when you can still get doe permits. That has caused more conflicts between hunters.
  7. I do hunt in the SE part of the state and have for over 30 years. What the apr rules do is slow down the shooting. If you are doing a drive and a deer starts running, you have to look for antlers or not. That makes for less deer of any kind getting shot. Down there virtually every buck over 1.5 years has enough points to be legal. Every big buck that was shot last year has been legal its whole life and it still made it to become a monster.
  8. It will if the change it to start leasing those lands.
  9. I think the main reason there is a 3A and 3B season is to split the hunters in half. If there was one season, quite a few hunters would not be able to hunt. There are plenty of places that have groups in both seasons. If it went to one season, one of the groups would probably not be able to hunt that spot. The area gets hit hard during the 2 seasons, but there are still plenty of deer. There are still good numbers of big bucks.
  10. I think an increase should be considered and I think that anyone using a WPA or National Wildlife refuge should have the stamp. I don't duck hunt much but buy the stamps every year. I use those lands a lot for pheasant hunting.
  11. This whole shutdown thing is screwing up a lot of outdoors activities with the DNR down for the most part. What is going to be the fallout if this goes all the way to deer season. Although it only takes until September to affect doe permit applications.
  12. WE had our prebuy fill last week and it was at $1.49 plus a .10 discount for paying right away. This was in Stevens County.
  13. The zones in MN are so vastly different in how deer grow and how they are hunted that this experiment in zone 3 cannot be used as basis for or against the concept of apr. The truth of the matter for most of zone 3 is that if you see a fork or a spike it is either a fawn or is genetically inferior and should be culled. The 4 to a side will not stop many young deer from getting taken because a high number of bucks start off with 4 on a side. If they get passed on because of the rule the first year they have antlers, then the second year they will for sure have enough to be legally shot. That is not the age structure that is supposedly being argued for. If you need a 150 deer around every tree, that will get old soon and then we will need a 175 deer around every tree.
  14. Would this work on a garmin astro?
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