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  1. If you are going to do a grizzly hunt in AK go for a coastal hunt bears are much more plentiful and bigger, though it does cost more. I have done two ten day sheep hunts in the alaska range in the last two years in those 20 days I saw three legal grizzlies two of those were 2 year old bears that were the size of an average black bear. The other was a very large bear my dad ended up getting. The first time I went up there it is a shock to how little game is actually in those areas lots of sheep but I only saw maybe 5 or 6 moose in the 20 days one of which was a legal bull. It is possible but I think it would be tough to get a moose on your own as well. The best option is to get on a cancellation hunt, I have seen $12000 moose hunts going for $5k if you can book a month out same with grizzly. Definatley cool trip though worth doing.
  2. It is possible to catch carp in the cold water after ice out but it is not super effective. It will depend on weather obviously but generally mid april I can get a few to take where I live in Rochester even then they are a bit sluggish by end of april/ early may it will be going full bore. As for patterns I only fish with patterns I tie there are some commercial patterns that work red squirells, san jaun worms hares ears, etc. Generally rule of thumb for me with carp patterns size 10 or 12 some rubber legs and hackel if it looks buggy they will eat it if presented correctly. As for presentation general rule of thumb You want the fly to be 6-8 inches from the carps face or it wont eat it. Too close it will spook too far they wont move for it..there are exceptions but it is a good rule of thumb. When I am fishing I also want the carp to see the fly falling and hitting the bottom I feel like it helps. You will have fun I fish carp 90% of my fishing time these days usually at least 50 days a year and it never gets boring...if it does find a new piece of water and it will be new all over.
  3. Tyler D

    new scope

    I guess the biggest thing I am wondering is if you sight the scope in at 200 and need to use the 400 yard crosshair is it pretty consistent? I know its not the same scope but the cross hair system looks pretty close to the zeiss. Otherwise I was exploring the idea of an actual tactical scope but this seems it would be easier.
  4. Tyler D

    new scope

    After a hunting trip this fall where I had to take a 530 yard shot I am looking to upgrade my scope power. I got the animal just fine but the 9x leupold didnt have all i wanted for power. I am looking at buying a 4.5-14 zeiss with the z-600 reticle to extend my distance to over 500 yards. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this reticle system?
  5. The reason I started this thread was to see if anyone could answer my question as to why they dropped the limit from 5 to 1 in 246. I dont think there are that many less deer, one of our neighbors on the other hand says there are no deer and that he is not even hunting this year. The deer definatley changed there pattern this year with a huge red acorn crop. But I've got pictures of 10 diferent bucks in the last week 3 of which are solid 2 1/2 yr old eight pointers, 1 giant 10 and one really giant 8. also have seen two nice bucks that i dont have pictures of. Looks like QDM is working for us and our neighboring properties. I am pretty pumped for this weekend.
  6. A couple things... 1. QDM is not neccesarily about B&C score it is about shooting a mature buck not a 1 1/2 year old 6 pointer. Can you tell me your hunt isnt more exciting when you thin you have a legitamite shot at a big buck? 2. There will never be a giant buck behind every tree, that would be a lot of deer and I'm not sure that it is biologically feasible. 3. The guy who talked about his buddies passing up does to kill small bucks hit the nail on the head. It is precisley the problem we have in this state. Several years ago we banned my uncle and some of his freinds from our land after I passed on a 6 pointer several times told them not to shoot it and one guy did it anyways even after he passed several does. 4. Trophy hunting is not killing the sport. Trophy hunters are all about harvesting does and mature bucks (not B&C) and maintaining a well balanced herd. Trophy hunters are the probably your most dedicated hunters out there and have a genuine love for the sport. I plan to spend 12 hours a day for the entire 9 day season in my stand, and I will be perfectly ok walking away with an unpunched tag. How many people are willing to do that? 5. It is about using common sense, if you are after meat why not shoot a doe? You can't very well eat the small rack, there isnt a whole lot of nutritional value there. Also a doe probably tastes pretty similar to a yearling buck.
  7. Subzero- The only problem with you argument about the area not being able to grow B&C bucks is that it is wrong. Camp ripley is a prime example of that. Many large bucks come out of there every year. Anyways the point is that many people hunt for meat and i think that is great. Not having a doe permit forces the meat hunter to shoot a young buck which prevents that deer from growing a little older and getting a little larger. With a management tag in the mix there is an opportunity to get some meat and still let some bucks go. I dont know that shooting 8 bucks of any age class in one year is a good management practice but by taking out those 8 yearlings you have kind of ruined your chances for some nice ones in the future. On our small chunk of land which is an 80 acre piece the new neighbors took over 320 acres that hadnt been hunted in 10 years, I went from regularly seeing bucks of all age classes, where in full rut I could easily see 15 or so different bucks in one day to seeing a few small bucks in an entire season. I think its great that those guys get their deer but by shooting all those immature bucks the intensity of the rut went to nothing. After those early years of seeing bucks fighting, 2 or 3 different bucks at once chasing a doe in circles around your stand bucks running around at all hours of the day to seeing 1 or 2 in a day it isnt that exciting anymore, and as a result i pretty muched stopped hunting that piece and spend all my time on our larger section. QDM isnt about shooting a B&C buck every year, it is about managing to a well balanced herd with a more intense rut, while still getting some meat for the table by tagging a couple of does and having the chance at tagging a monster which always adds a little excitement to the hunt.
  8. Responding to some of the other posts, I do not have a sense of entitlement I hunt hard an know the land that I hunt on, I spend probably 35 ish days a year hunting deer. We are definatley seeing the effects of QDM on our place as we have several large deer on the trail cams, but I know it could be better. I know that button bucks are bucks but I am talking antlered deer, what percentage of 1 1/2 year old bucks survive their first season? I dont know that answer but I know a lot get shot. The thing I get annoyed with is when I hear people telling me we went 8 for 8 on bucks, then they show me the picture and every one of them is a yearling buck, that annoys me greatly but that is their right. All I was saying is that it seems odd that it dropped from 5 deer to applying for doe permits, it leaves people with little choice but to shoot the first small buck that comes by. I will hunt the 9 day rifle season and probably not fill my tag, and I am perfectly ok with that others dont enjoy putting in that kind of time. Truthfully people are going to have to decide to practice quality deer management and I believe it will come with time. And if not well thats peoples choice but it would be nice for people to be able to shoot a doe just take some pressure off of young bucks at such a vulnerable time. Otherwise I applaud the DNR for the job they do.
  9. There is no way the ratio is one to four in our area. I have several trail cameras out the amount of doe pictures to buck pictures is off the charts. I know what the rut looks like with a good buck to doe ratio, on our other chunk of land we had an old guy who never hunted who owned the adjacent 320 acres as a result during peak rut I would easily count 15-17 different bucks in one day. Not repeat bucks but actual differnt ones. Some new people bought the land proceeded to kill bucks at will and it has never been the same.
  10. Personally I know about parties in our area that have shot 35-40 deer in the last couple of years. In my mind that is idiotic, I'm sure the dnr had good intentions with the 5 deer thing but some people need to learn the point of hunting is not to kill as much as possible in as short a time as possible. Unfortunatley the same people that have that mind set are going to be the same people killing yearling bucks this year. Our group tries to take 6 does a year from our land and if someone sees a wall hanger great, if not well then some tags go unfilled. There is nothing wrong with meat hunting, i would just like to see some middle ground where people can take a couple of does for meat while letting some small bucks grow.
  11. I can tell that there are a few less deer than there were a few years ago but not that many less. The biggest thing i see is that the buck to doe ratio is completely out of whack, and forcing people to shoot bucks because they didn't get a doe permit is going to throw it even further out of whack.
  12. I hunt in area 246 just north of motley MN, and a little west of brainderd. We have 240 acres in the area and us with a couple of neighbors have been trying to manage our properties for an older age class of bucks. Well for the last several years we have had the 5 deer limit going on and it was easy to get your deer without having to shoot yearling bucks. This year we suddenly have to apply for doe permits Im not quite understanding why it would go from 5 does to having to apply for a doe permit. It is frustrating for those of us who would like to see larger bucks to see doe permits back. I have no problem hunting the 9 day season and leaving my tag unfilled, others do not see things the same as our hunting party and will kill at will any small buck that comes through. Now there is nothing wrong with shooting small bucks but it is very frustrating for those who would actually like to see larger bucks on a regular basis. I would like to see the dnr doing a little more to help those that are into hunting for larger deer. I know the dnr has a very tough job and cannot please everyone, but does anyone see the logic in dropping from 5 deer to applying for does? There could be something going on in the area that I dont know about maybe lcornice can shed some light?
  13. Tyler D

    spotting scopes

    My dad bowhunted the bowman area about 10 years ago, he said they saw quite a few nice bucks while they were out there. Never closed the deal on any bucks but tagged a couple of does for meat. If you are serious about doing some bigger hunts later, it costs $20 a year to get mule deer points in colorado some of the best units can take up to 12 years to draw, especially for the most sought after seasons. They also have some good bowhunting only mountain goat and sheep units that cost $3 a year to get points.
  14. Tyler D

    spotting scopes

    Thanks for the reply, I'm really leaning towards the swarovski even though it carries a hefty price tag. I am just worried that 45 is going to be under gunning for those wide open spaces. There is nothing better than mule deer hunting, I've never bowhunted them but probably will some day. Good luck with it hope your building some points in colorado, the holy grail of modern day mule deer hunting.
  15. Tyler D

    spotting scopes

    So I am in the market for a spotting scope, I am really interested in a higher end model. I have made quite a few western trips mostly lower elevation prarie type hunts, but I will soon be going on my first true mountain hunt. And being that I am 23 years old and am to the point where with the points I have I should be drawing some pretty major tags in the next 5 years, and even more major tags in about 10, I want to buy something good. I like the leupold gold ring 15-45X it is realativley cheap at about $1K, but I am wondering if 45X is going to be enough or if I should step it up to 60X? I am also thinking of buying a 20-60X swarovski which is going to be closer to $2K, but if im going to have it my whole life I might as well buy some thing good. So any mountain hunters out there have any advice on a 45X vs. a 60X?
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