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  1. Fished yesterday for a few hrs, but no bites. Was around the little island on the north side of Wappo. Didn't see or hear of anyone catching any.
  2. Thanks Stratocaster! Might have to give that a try. I haven;t fished Wappogasette before. Would it be worth it to bring a few suckers to throw under a tip up?
  3. My son and I are thinking about going to Pike Lake this weekend. Hoping to get some panfish and throw out a tipup. Is this lake any good.
  4. Has anyone ever hunted land in this program. I was looking at a map of a property and was having a hard time finding the access to it. The owner listed is not local. Is there an online map I am not aware of that shows this info. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have an older 10 horse Evinrude (1971) that needs repair. Anyone know a good repair shop or individual that works on older motors in western WI. It was working great just 2 years ago and then seized up. Not sure what the issue is.
  6. fished this lake yesterday and caught alot of small bluegill/crappie. Nothing on the tip up. Are there any larger panfish in there? Was fishing under the highlines.
  7. Has anyone ever ice fished this lake. I see it is only 5 ft deep, but appears to have Crappie, Bluegill and bass.
  8. Going sheepshead fihin tonight on the croix in Hudson. Kids love catching them. Will post how I do.
  9. Went out again last Sat. Again caught a million tiny perch even on bigger fatheads. Was surprised to pull in 1 giant jumbo perch in the mix. Also caught a bass. All released. Still no bluegills/crappies. There was another portable camped by the beach. Maybe they were getting them. Nothin on the tip up. Let me know if someone knows the secret to catching bluegills in this lake through the ice. I know they are in there.
  10. Went to Little Falls last weekend and caught alot of little perch no hits on the tip up. Any spots that would be good for the tip up and maybe a few bluegills/crappies. I was fishing out from the landing.
  11. Going ice fishing with my son and his friend there this weekend. Hoping to get some panfish and set up some tips for pike. Has anyone been out lately with any luck. Any spots you can share? Thanks
  12. Has anyone ever used land under this dnr program? Are farmers receptive to new people calling them to hunt there land?
  13. I live in the country in River Falls, WI with DSL not being an option in my location. What are some of my options. Has anyone had experience with Satellite internet, etc? Thanks.
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