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  1. love to hunt, If you're out there, any chance you can post your info on hooking into my 7-pin trailer hookup again? I don't mean to be a pain, but I didn't print it and now it's gone. Thanks.
  2. Good stuff Cootz! I'm going to pursue this 2 battery idea. What do you mean by those spltter things that charge both batteries while you drive? Thanks
  3. I have an '04 chevy silverado. Wonder if it has an extra battery spot.
  4. Last year I hauled batteries back and forth but it gets to be a pain. This year I have everything propane but would like to have a 12-volt backup plan using my truck. This would be running 1 12-volt lightbulb and maybe a car stereo the last hour of fishing.
  5. Whats the best way to have a 12 volt hookup to your truck? Should I use an old extension cord? Jumper cables? I assume I need an outlet on the outside of the shack. And a cord with battery clips on one end and a plug on the other.
  6. I used my gas light last night for the first time and really like it. I probably will not use my 12 volt system much anymore unless I want serious tunes on my stereo. I have a gas furnace, stove, and light now, very convenient. I'm going to set it up so I can plug in to my truck if I want 12 volt for backup lighting/music. I'm done hauling batteries back and forth and charging them. Thanks for the tips on the mantles!
  7. I drove my truck and shack out yesterday because there was a lot of truck traffic. After I setup, I drilled holes and there was 11 inches. Not sure if I would be the first guy on 11 inches but there was tracks everywhere I looked.
  8. Thanks Paul. It sounds like I need to pre-burn them just like you do the tie-on type, correct? I didn't get any directions in the box.
  9. I just installed a camp style propane light. How do these work in ice shacks? How do the mantles hold up while traveling? I have the pre-formed sytle. Thanks!
  10. After a year of debating if I should get a direct vent heater or not, I ordered one at lunch today. The clincher was this weekend when I had my ice shack in the driveway. I ran the heater for 90 minutes and went to check on it. It was 50 degrees and everything was clammy, very uncomfortable. I convinced myself that I don't have a lot of toys and I at least deserve a warm, dry ice shack. I hope I'm happy with it.
  11. I replaced the regulator and everything works great again. It was a hole in the diaphram. The guy at the gas supply place said to be sure to cap the line in the off season. Bugs can get in there and do damage. Thanks Scott and everyone else.
  12. If I get an Empire, I'll get it at fishhousesupply. Their prices are good and guys seem to like their service. If I went cheaper, I would get the heater that Fleet Farm has on sale this week. It's a US Stove Company heater and is 18K BTU's. I'm not near a store so I can't tell you if that's a good unit or Chinesse junk. The specs are good but probably not made as good as the Empire. Let us know what you buy.
  13. Quote: I just installed one on Saturday that I bought from Fleet Farm. We ran it will we trimmed the excess sprayfoam from the walls of my 8 x 14. The heater is a direct vent model DV-20 from United States Stove Company. I paid $250 for it this spring on sale. Empire brands are very popular, but cost more. You can get them from fishhousesupply. Hey broman, How do you like the DV20? I see Fleet Farm has the DV21 on sale this month for $349. How well are the USSC heaters made? Are they made in the US or over seas? Thanks!
  14. UPDATE: I unscrewed the gas line from the heater and left it alone for a couple of minutes with the gas turned on. Once I could smell a little gas, I hooked it back up. I then was able to light the heater and stove but they don't burn nearly as good as last year. If I turn all 4 burners on full throttle, they barely burn. It might have something to do with the regulator. My regulator has a tiny vent that is pushing out propane. If I put my finger over the vent, I can feel the flow and it makes a wisssshhh sound. Any ideas what my problem is? I'll google it in the mean time. Thanks!
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