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  1. We wont finish that low, maybe a top 5 pick but those guys will be gone #1 and #2. Who cares as long as we have a real staff...
  2. He has led a few, not many though. I remember a Buffalo game a few years back lol. Gonna be a LONG year fellas, we havnet had one of these in a while ...
  3. Anything 24"to 30" goes back in, over 30" it gets to hang on my wall.
  4. Going out all day tomorrow!
  5. Great show, tough to hit though! A Shotgun with steelshot would be great
  6. They are alot heavier, but you cant beat 4 AA battery headlamps, the led's do nothing for me while night fishing on the lake (open water)
  7. Gulp works great, outfishes live bait.
  8. Are the both still alive? Dead Floaters? Wow...
  9. What I like about FM is they keep an open mind.
  10. DL without a doubt. More structure there than you can imagine, you will not get perch like this anywhere else.
  11. Let me guess you didnt have a camera?
  12. What say does the DNR have in that? Let me guess they arent getting a cut of what Cabelas offered, so they said no? I agree, I would have went just to see it in the tank. And if you've NEVER had a live fish in your livewell on the way home, I have a 15" fill in the blank...
  13. Cup is holding this team back...... Ewww, 88 yards option by purdue...... Go Gophs......
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