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  1. Live in Fargo. National weather service predicted couple inches in Fargo today with heavier snow North. That happened. Then at about 11:30am they announced a winter storm warning with high winds and 6 to 12 more inches of snow between 11:30am till 9:00 pm tonight. Well by 3:00 pm this afternoon the sun was shineing and pretty light winds and obviously no more snow. How can they be that wrong !! I mean that wasn't even close. It started clearing up shortly after they announced the storm warning, and weather got nicer the rest of the day. That is really missing big time..
  2. I don't know how to post pictures here at FM. Is there someone that I could e-mail a picture to that would post a pic of Jason and his family. O, by the way I am tightlines. This is my office computer that I go by icetroller. I thought it would be nice to have a picture of the family you folks are so graciously praying for. Email me at [email protected] or [email protected] I could shoot ya the pic to be posted. Please put Jasons family in the subject line.. Thanks Doug
  3. I just picked up a couple "Guide Series" rod holders. It has the tube protecter so no breaking rods. Also has two pretty nice size pouchs on each side. They are similar to the ready rig rod holders but a tad larger and in my opinion built and designed better.Tuff zippers and non of that fluffy sheep style wool inside for your hooks to get stuck in. They will hold 3 rods and reels very nicely. They also make a back pack style. Found them at gander mountain. 15.00 each. Whatever you get, I would definetly make sure that it has the hard tube rod protecter. I learned from experience with cheeper holders after breaking a couple expensive rods.
  4. Same deal here fella's. I got 12 of em sitting here. He did respond right away this morning, and offered waiting for 2 ta 3 weeks or refund. I quess I would really be ticked if I hadn't already found 4 at the local truck stops here. I was just gonna help some guys out that wanted some. Think I will just get a refund. Don't need the hassle. I would assume that he has to refund our shipping back to him, doesn't he? Will there be paypal fee's for refunds applied to his account or our accounts?
  5. Read the Mn. reg's this morning about shelter tag and DNR #. It calls for minimum 2 inch letters displaying Mn. DNR number on the outside of the shelter. Do the reg's call for shelter # or my fishing license # ? I would assume they want the shelter # but every time I assume something, well ya know what they say about assuming....
  6. I am not a staff member nor a marcum rep, just a plain old ice fisherman. I have had both Vex and Marcum. Both are out standing units. The thing that I don't understand is guys that simply will not admit the fact that the marcum simply put has a hell of a lot more new and usable technology in it's units. Put them side by side and there simply is NO comparison. The Marcum has vex beat in every catagory. Ya, thats what I said, the marcum has the vex beat in every catagory. Nuff Said.
  7. Shipping cost UPS would run 24.00. I would go ahead and sell for $300.00 shipped. Thats the best I can do.BTW, it would be shipped in it's original box.
  8. Where can you get Mickey Mouse boots for 30.00 bucks?
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