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  1. I have a idea for your trailer paint I would think that spray-on truck bed liner would work awsome but would cost alittle more than paint it wouldnt chip from gravel on the road hitting it and should be just as good of a sealer as paint would be
  2. Quote: How much does the nils weigh with a 8" aguer? I know strike masters new aguer is only 20 lbs. I thinking of upgrading to one of these two but haven't decided which one. They both are good augers and now I'm looking into the finer points like weight before I make my purchase. I guess the other thing I'm going to have to consider is the new strike master is a 4 stroke. I wonder if there will be problems???? keith Kowalczyk thier is a good chance that the Strikemaster auger will have problems of some sort or another their arnt to many products today that come out that dont have problems the first yaer or two after that they get the bugs worked out and they usually or just fine so if you need a new auger this year and those are your two option I would go nils if you really want the 4-stroke I would wait a year or two
  3. the newer style lawn chair would be fairly comfortable they dont have padding but have the cloth seat other wise I would sugjuest layzy boy they are tough to beat for comfort
  4. I saw a chargerin a ice fishing magazine last year that plugs into your cigaret lighter it looks like a cellphone charger on the one end and has the aligator clips on the other. I am not 100 % shure but if your battery is 12v you might just be able to use your car jumper cables or somthing similar like smaller wire conected to each battery
  5. the composit augers most likely have a steel shaft going down the midle and steel blades atached to the shaft. proably the only composite part is the flighting and that shouldn't be getting to mutch abuse it only real purpose is to pull the ice chips away from the blade
  6. one more thing I have learned from past experince is to get the piece of equipment you really want the first time it saves money in the long run if you really want a flip style house its cheaper to pay the $300-$400 now than it is to get a cheaper model for a year or two then pay another chunck of change for the one you really want
  7. I would suggest fishing out of a shelter when u try it you could sit in a warm selter with freinds and not catch fish and still have a good time but to sit out in the cold and not catch anything is a bad first impresion
  8. I have the qf3 and love it if your woried about they kids not sitting their and having to play on the ice inside the selter your could build a floor out of plywood to sit on the ice. plus you might not need as big of a heater then ofcource I get by with a single burner mr. heater and stay warm enuff no matter what temprature
  9. those numbers seem about right if you would figure that when u start up your auger let it idle for 1 minute then drill 4 hole at about 30 seconds apeice that would give u about 20000 holes on a normal auger and about 48000 holes on a nils. I dont actually know if thier is and diffrence between the longjevity of and of the augers like anything u could get a great one that last far longer than u might want it to or u could get one that last 1/2 a hole
  10. hey if u can't find it because its to old we should proably start a new one. So anyone who knows how to build a drop down house can post in this tread one the steps required to build one and any tricks also
  11. they make a thing called ice anchors they are kinda like a big screew u just screw them into the ice and use something to tie your shelter to it. If money is the mane issue for u and u dont mind doing a little constuction cabelas has a portable that u build the floor for youself its between $100-200 with that model I would just screew one or two anchors through the floor
  12. wolfwood

    Gas savers

    you will not always save money with a snaller engine the smaller engine has to work harder on some vehicles to do the same thing as a bigger motor like if your pulling a boat or some times just driving down the road normally
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