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    candiru reacted to mntatonka in Dnr Opening Special Deer Hunting Season To Combat Chronic Wasting Disease   
    The prions are believed to be "active" (they're not actually organisms so aren't alive) for around a decade.  It's far more likely to spread from bodily fluid contact than through the soil, but it is entirely possible to spread that way.  It's not like EHD which spreads rapidly and kills quickly.  CWD spreads slowly, takes YEARS to even notice symptoms, but will always kill the animal (or make it much easier for predators or other illnesses to take hold and kill it).  
    As much as people seem to think they've depopulated the herd in 603, they haven't.  The population isn't as high as it was a decade ago, but it's still plenty high compared to much of the rest of the state.  It does seem like depopulating and keeping the herd low for a length of time is the best bet at containing the disease, but that takes a huge effort and the support of the landowners.  That's where the efforts of other states have always stalled, assuming they caught it as early as MN appears to have.  When Wisconsin caught it, it was already highly prevalent, and pretty much already too late.  The armchair scientists on social media don't help the situation at all.  As much as they want to say it's a disease that's been around forever, I really don't think that's the case.  It very likely started on a deer farm that was trying to grow bigger bucks by feeding them ground up bones, much the same way mad cow disease spread in Britain because farmers were feeding them protein supplements made from dead cows.
    There's no proof eating an infected deer will transmit the disease to humans, but there's also no proof it won't.  It could very well become a human disease that takes decades to show up.  Or it could transfer to our food supply (cattle), through higher concentrations in the soil and ending up in the grass and hay that cattle eat.
    I very rarely listen to podcasts, but Joe Rogan had an excellent episode a few months back that everyone should watch or listen to: https://youtu.be/E3s6p2UP57Q
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    candiru got a reaction from PurpleFloyd in Mayweather vs. McGregor   
    Growing up I got to see Ali fight on ABC television with Howard Cosell doing commentary.  Then I believe boxing went to HBO.  Now it is Pay per view.   The average person has no contact with boxing these days.   I can't name a single active boxer right now outside of Paquio and Mayweather.  
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    candiru reacted to Big Dave2 in Gopher football 2016   
    It's official...

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    candiru got a reaction from Big Dave2 in Gopher football 2016   
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    candiru got a reaction from Dotch in Gopher Basketball   
    The M must stand for mediocre, or maybe what they aspire to.
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    candiru got a reaction from DonBo in Recomendations on how to lift a deer into the back of the truck by yourself   
    I use an ice fishing sled and a plank for a ramp.   Getting the deer in the sled is not too hard.  Then get things lined up and push the sled up the ramp.   The sled keeps blood from getting in the vehicle and serves as a drip pan while the deer is hanging.    I hang the deer in the garage with a boat winch mounted to the wall and a couple of pulleys or a come-a-long.   I just have never had much success with the block and tackle rigs.   If you need to get a sled just for this I think the Jet-Sled is the cheapest way to go.  The sled can also make for easier dragging.
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