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  1. The article in the Strib. www.startribune.com/louisiana-to-hunters-deer-urine-lures-might-spread-disease/490173741/ Why we are still allowing deer urine to be shipped and sold is beyond me. That Joe Rogan podcast was very interesting and informative. Well worth the time.
  2. Growing up I got to see Ali fight on ABC television with Howard Cosell doing commentary. Then I believe boxing went to HBO. Now it is Pay per view. The average person has no contact with boxing these days. I can't name a single active boxer right now outside of Paquio and Mayweather.
  3. Traded in an 870 for a Winchester SXP and love it. Lighter, fits right, and has a good choke tube system right out of the box. So far no problems. Will probably trade my last 870 for another one this year.
  4. The M must stand for mediocre, or maybe what they aspire to.
  5. We have a couple more of them now. Jeff Gordon, in his last season, won the pole in 2015. This year it is their promising young star, Chase Elliot, who wins the pole in his Sprint Cup debut. In the legendary 24 car.
  6. I can hunt my Wirehair at 60 degrees, but not for real long. I always worry about pond or lake water with potential algae problems. Blue-Green Algae is toxic to dogs and it is really hard to keep a hot dog out of the water. rundrave, do you think there is any chance of getting the start time moved up? i would think if hunters got on board and had the Fish and Game on board there would be a chance. i read somewhere that 200 dogs died on opener last year. A person would think that would lead to some action. Just kind of curious if there has been any discussion?
  7. I use an ice fishing sled and a plank for a ramp. Getting the deer in the sled is not too hard. Then get things lined up and push the sled up the ramp. The sled keeps blood from getting in the vehicle and serves as a drip pan while the deer is hanging. I hang the deer in the garage with a boat winch mounted to the wall and a couple of pulleys or a come-a-long. I just have never had much success with the block and tackle rigs. If you need to get a sled just for this I think the Jet-Sled is the cheapest way to go. The sled can also make for easier dragging.
  8. I support this one. It was probably around 20 years ago that I saw an article in one of the outdoor mags that talked about blaze pink being the perfect color for deer hunting. Visible to humans and just another shade of gray to deer.
  9. I am looking at making the jump to a smartphone and Verizon is the only carrier that makes sense for me. Just wondering how much data does a person need with their plan?
  10. From Woodlands Resort fasebook page: "Creel Bay is officially ice free and the loading dock is in! Other parts of the lake that are ice free include Six Mile Bay, the majority of the Minnewaukan Flats, and Pelican Lake. There is still a couple ice sheets in the Main Bay and East Bay blowing around, but with the nice weather it should deteriorate quickly. There has been a few people shore fishing with decent luck around bridges, but overall only a couple reports have came in. With little precipitation this winter the lake is a couple feet lower than last year, with little water flowing into De
  11. Today it looks like the ice is gone on Leech and Winni is almost half open.
  12. http://ge.ssec.wisc.edu/modis-today/ You can see where the ice is going out. It looks like the Brainerd area is going out now. The west side of Mille Lacs is opening up. You can also view past days. It takes a little playing around to figure it all out. There must have been some fresh snow near eastern Lake Superior. It looks pretty cool, the ice is real visible there.
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