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  1. Hey Folks, I bought 2 Bottom Line 1101's and broke both transducers. I know, what a dope. They are only 1 year old but no good to me without the transducer. They have discontinued them and the only ones I found were about $60.00. Is there any other way to hook them up with a cheaper one? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Hound Heater Guy
  2. I would not touch any food made out of the US. I switched to Native and am more than pleased!! My dogs coats and teeth have never been better. Another great one is made in Perham, mn. I belive that one is Nutra Source? I used it but and loved the results but didn't like the price. Hound Heater guy
  3. Well this one is easy....The Hound Heater!!! Have a great day...Hound Heater Guy
  4. I switched to Native last August when I met Steve at Game Fair. I could not be happier. Great energy, less [PoorWordUsage] and their coats never looked better. All my buddies have since switched. I feed 3 dogs, priced right. Good luck. Hound Heater Guy
  5. do a search for the Holee Molee. I bought some last year...they work great
  6. Do a search for the Holee Molee. I bought some last year and they work awesome!
  7. Haven't been back for a while but Bruce is correct. The Holee Molee does work great. Ran it through a ton of tests under very extreme conditions (North Dakota mostly). You will also find that it makes the bottom of your hole wider, allowing fish to come right up.You will see it on this site next fall, guaranteed!! The Dog
  8. Hey Jeff, Let me know if I can help. MIke [email protected]
  9. I make and sell a 12 volt crate pad that works awesome for your dog. It plugs into your cigarette lighter or direct to an auxillary battery. I don't know how to give you my contact info. without getting in trouble. ??? Mike Hill Big Lake [email protected]
  10. Anyone got a recipe for removing skunk spray. On our last SD trip my buddies lab went in a grass tuft to retrieve a rooster, problem was a skunk also had it. Man my dog trailer stunk. That is better but what works best for dogs??? I am aware of "Skunk Off" but haven't found it. Plus I would like to give him the recipe as a little joke!! Thanks Folks. The Dog
  11. Heidi, Al is shutting down his business and only doing a couple dogs at a time. Call Gary Westeberg at Blaine Kennels. Great guy and will get it done. If you want to try it yourself, I teach people how to do it. I too am full but have trained and taught hundreds of dogs/people to do it. It is more about timing than pain. We will start with the force hold and go from there. If interested email me. Good luck. The Dog
  12. Outdoornut, I use two products that i am very happy with. My favorite is called "Top Dog Power Stix". They are like a Slim Jim with lots of good stuff in them to keep their energy going. They have a HSOforum. The other is K-9 restart. I mix it in their water and give it to them when I water them in the field. I agree with the guys about a rooster every few minutes but it goes back to how fast they recover for the next days hunt. Same reason I use those 12 Volt heat pads I found. Lay them in my dog crate,plug em in my dogs sleep great, even when they are is wet. Wakes up raring to go. Call me a softy, but this is my partner!! The Dog
  13. Got back sat. night from the Hackensack area. Flushed 16, shot two, got soaking wet. My boy's first real hunt since he got his certificate. Didn't realize how much fun he is to hunt with...those of you with kids understand my joy. Little shiester is getting pretty fast at pulling up the gun. Found the majority of the birds on trails with pines very close or in them. Crops were full of those crab apple looking "fruits". Have a great week all! The Dog
  14. Sorry, it runs off a 12 volt plug in transformer, no battery. Plugs in like the 110 volt but steps down the voltage to a level that can't cause electrocution. Thanks The Dog
  15. I too use the Oti product but it doesn't clear up the infection as fast as hydrogen proxide. I take a large syringe, squirt a couple of CC's and rub the ear well. After he shakes it out, I swab it with a paper towel. Do this for a couple of days and your are good to go. Once a moth, when I give my heartworm, I use the Oti or an earwash I buy at Mill's. Note: I don't use the hydrogen on a regular basis. Only when it is infected. The Dog
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