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  1. I will get measurments from the mount this weekend and post next week.
  2. Two years ago, a buddy of mine caught a 24" largemouth (in season) off of my dock at a St. Cloud area lake. He has since passed away and the fish is on his parents wall as a bright memory. We never even thought about it being a state record. What is the state record? You should see this thing, I can fit my fist in it's mouth. Very curious to say the least...
  3. whitewolf, Who are you? I would bet money that I know you. I definetly know where Wohlenhaus's point is.
  4. Do any of you hunt in this area? I grew up about 1 mile from the lake and it seems like there is 2 or 3 more rigs at the landing every year and it's so (Contact US Regarding This Word) crowded, I don't even go out anymore. Not complaining about the numbers, just some of the things that I see. Example - 2 weekends ago I pulled up to the landing while doing some scouting and saw this. One the first island there was a hunter with an all silver boat anchored up against shore and the guy was sitting there with a blaze orange hat on. Other times I have had people set up 50 yards away. I've never hunted towards the cities but I can imagine the hunting pressure is much more serious. It's tuff to get used to but I guess it's just as much his right as it is mine.
  5. False Alarm I am from Wheaton originally and one of my buddies found a dog in the woods. They called around and got the word out but nobody has called back. The dog they found is a black lab with a purple collar. Sorry to get your hopes up, I thought it was a sure thing. I'm back there every weekend so I will keep an eye out and ask around. Don't give up hope, it's a very small town atmosphere back there and if anyone has heard anything, I will probably get word of it.
  6. I might know where your dog is, I have to make a call to find out but I will let you know soon.
  7. My buddy caught one that was 8lbs. 8 oz.s just outside of St. Cloud. Would that have broke the old record?
  8. 1993 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L 5 speed 150,000mi. 3" lift with 31" X 10.5" X 15" tires Runs great / Interior is very good / Body is o.k. Dinged up on the right side but very little rust I just changed the oil and diff fluid. Has new battery, CD player, and tow package. Very dependable and drives out nice. $1,750 Nick [email protected] 320-260-0199
  9. Not saying that it isn't worth more but, I have $350 to spend and I can pick it up this weekend. What do you think? Can I get your e-mail or phone number?
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