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  1. I purchased a hi end Gortex shell 6 or so years a go and it is going strong. I wear it daily. It has kept me very dry and has zip open vents on the jacket. It was worth every penny. I have used it winter an summer. My rain bibs are some type of Gander guide wear. My tip to you would be buy the best unisulated top in gortex you can afford and then get a good bib. then you are set for all seasons. I would get them slightly oversized so you can layer under for winter. ski
  2. Flew Continental. Mpls to Houston to Huatulco.
  3. I was in Haultulco Mexico(Pacific side) recently and went fishing. We fished out of the Santa Cruz marina with Checo on the Karen boat. The boat was a panga style boat with a 75 HP Yamaha. We were out about five miles or so. Fishing in this area is reasonable because the fishing areas are close in. Our trip started at 630 am and we were probaly fishing withing 15-20 minutes. Checo rigged 4 rods with ballyhoo. Our first bite was a sailfish. I didn's see that one. Our second bite was a nice sailfish but it shook the hook off when he came out of the water. It was quite a site to see. We were able to 100's of dolphins, sea turtles and a manta ray. About 10 I was starting to think we wouldn't boat a fish and shortly after that he hit the line. Checo set the hook and handed me the line. The Dorado sure put up a fight. I would work for 5 minutes getting line in and in 10 seconds he would take it all back out. Once he got close to the boat it was real exciting. He made some jumps out of the water and I was hoping he would not get off the line. After 20 minuets we had him in the boat. My arms were sore and it was a total thrill. I was shaking a little I was so excited. It was fun to see that my fishing guide was really excited to. He was on the radio talking about the catch. When we got back to the marina our fish made quite the commotion with some of the cruise ship people. Had all sorts of people taking pictures and asking about the catch. The fillets were absolutely huge. We split the fillets up and were able to enjoy some fabulous meals. It was just my wife and I on the boat with Checo. Rates run about $50 us a hour or so depending on what you negotiate. This area of Mexico is fantastic. Weather was mid 80's daily. The people down here are fantastic. Way better than anywhere else in Mexico based on 5 trips. Ski from FF
  4. No antelope tags for me and my son in the 700 area. It was our first year to apply.
  5. Here you go if you want to feed a 100 people. I was a army cook for 15 of my 20 years and made tons of this stuff. The troops loved or hated it. I loved it. A scoop of SOS over a fried hard egg and a fresh biscut.. This is from the Military Recipe Card L 030 00 CREAMED GROUND BEEF BEEF,GROUND,BULK,RAW,90% LEAN 18 lbs ONIONS,FRESH,CHOPPED 1 lbs FLOUR,WHEAT,GENERAL PURPOSE 1 qts 2 cup SALT 3 tbsp PEPPER,BLACK,GROUND 1 tbsp WATER,WARM 2 gal 2-1/2 qts WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE 2-1/8 oz MILK,NONFAT,DRY 1-1/4 lbs Method Cook beef in steam jacketed kettle or roasting pan until beef loses its pink color, stirring to break apart. Drain or skim off excess fat. Add onions; stir-cook 3 minutes. Combine flour, salt and pepper. Sprinkle evenly over beef and onions. Mix thoroughly; cook about 5 minutes until flour is absorbed. Reconstitute milk. Blend Worcestershire sauce into milk. Add to meat mixture. Heat to a simmer, stirring frequently. Cook 10 minutes or until thickened. CCP: Internal temperature must reach 155 F. or higher for 15 seconds. Hold for service at 140 F. or higher.
  6. I have one in 223 and had a Burris 3-9x40 on it. I was amazed at how good it shot and was very satisfied with the gun. I shot it at the range mainly at 100 yards. I did take it out and tried to call in coyote once but had no luck. I thought it carried akward in the field due to the bull barrel. SKI
  7. I have the same unit. It is a 2006 and that year it was called the Hawkeye. It has proved worthy. I use it mostly for icefishing and it moves two people and my Otter fish house around with ease. I think it has enough power to get the job done but not enough power to get into trouble.
  8. I want to put chains on rear ATV tires sized 22x10-12. The chains that I found said they would fit 22x11x8, 22x11x9 22x11x10, 23x11x10, 24x9x11. Any opinion if these would fit properly? SKI
  9. Quote: Ah, I'm guessing that is the ATV that was raffled off by the Clitherall Sportsman's Club? Nice win and great combo! Yes it was. Best $2.00 I have spent. Ski
  10. I'm Excited for this ice season because this year I will be mobile. In years past I only moved around as much as I felt like pulling the sled. This year I will be pulling my gear with a wheeler. The best part is I WON the ATV. It's a Polaris 300 4x4. Since I got the machine I have put 200 miles on it. At first I was worried it may be to small but after using it I feel it is a good machine. Will be fun to get it out on the ice. If any one see's a silver/black Polaris Hawkeye on the lakes of Otter Tail county stop and say hello. Ski
  11. Just a thought here. How thick is the floor your putting in? When you add in the thickness of the new floor will all the pipes fit back together? I just removed some radiators and they were piped to fit the floors as is. SKI
  12. I use a soft sided cooler for my Vex and Aqua View. It is handy to carry into the house to recharge them and also keep them warm when not in use.
  13. Guy next door to me has one. He uses it for bear hunting, trail riding. I think it has HI/LOW and Super low. He said it does all he needs it to do. It is slower than other atv's but also burns less gas and the lo range gears are good so I have heard. 2000+ miles with no problems.
  14. Do you even have enough time to use the rods you already have ?
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