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  1. Brokenline, Where you able to fix the problem? If you did, How did you do it?
  2. I am in a dilemma.I have a 1992 Yamaha Pro60,it has been overheating so I replaced the impellar,plastic housing,stainless steel plate etc....(the whole deal)After that it was still overheating(only at idle and trolling speeds).Well I brought it in to a reputable dealer to have it looked at.After going through it they found a small crack in the block just above the outlet where the peehole hose comes out. The shop said it would not be cost effective to replace the block because it is to old of a motor. I agree with there assesment.They said you could try and get it welded. I am looking into this option, my question to you is.If you where in my shoes,Where is a good shop that has a good reputation of welding aluminum on outboards.I am in Forest Lake but I am willing to travel a distance to give me the best chance of success in fixing my problem.Any input would greatly be appreciated!
  3. Hey Crickschop04, I have a 91' Dominator myself and was thinking about doing the same thing.If and when you put in the baitwell,could you post the details so I could put one in as well. Thanks!
  4. Last weekend, I was fishing on a northern Mn,lake and hit a rock.I put a very small hole in the bottom of the hull of my boat! In order to salvage the weekend of fishing I put a small screw with silicone to stop the leak.It worked but unfortunately, it was a tad to long and ended up putting a pinhole in the gas tank.The hole is about a 1/16 in dia. I don't want to buy a new tank!Has this happened to anybody,If so, how would you go about fixing this?! I'm going through withdrawls and need to get back on the water!
  5. FLJim

    used boat

    I have a 1991 Dominator(tiller),I love the boat.Even though it's a little older, it has alot of features that newer boats still have.The size for me is perfect it's not to big that you need truck to pull it.It works very well in small to larger lakes,it is easy to launch and take out at accesses. If you purchase one,I don't think you will be disapointed.(as long as it's in good condition and the motor is decent. Good Luck and be thourough in checking things out! FL Jim
  6. I have the chance to pick up a Pro60 tiller,I'm looking for any input from people who know about this motor.Are they smooth and a reliable motor? Any input would greatly be appreciated!
  7. This is kind of going to be a long winded question.I have a 1991 Dominator with a 1991 Evinrude 40hp .The motor I have is okay,but I want to move up in horsepower.The boat is rated for a 60hp.I would love to get a four stroke,but it is just not in the budget.I would like to go with a yamaha or a mercury 2 stroke.I do alot of backtrolling for walleye so the next motor would need to troll down pretty slow.My question is,"Will a 60 hp do what I want It to?" Sorry for being so long winded. P.S. Does anybody else have the same boat with a 60hp,and how well does It do backtrolling?
  8. FLJim

    Amsoil ?

    After I get my carbs rebuilt,I think I'm going to give Amsoil a try.I have a 1991 40 hp Evinrude, Which product should use? I went to the Amsoil web site and saw 4 different oils,to me it looks like I should use HP Injector. Does that sound right?
  9. Thanks for all the input! I have heard good things about Hannay's Marine. I think I'll bring my boat in there to have it serviced. Besides it is close to where I work,so it won't be out of the way to drop it off. Thanks again guys!
  10. I have a 1991 40 hp evinrude tiller and I need the carbs rebuilt.I live in the north metro so if I can find a place up in this area that would be great.However I want it done correctly the first time,so if it means driving a little distance it would be worth it.Any recomondations on where to go and a ball park figure on how much I can expect to pay? Thanks in advance!!
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