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  1. Can one of you post the address to the fm league? You can never go wrong with Mcnabb though, if they get their running game going, look for Owens to grab a touchdown or 2 and maybe their tightend with another.
  2. People were catching what looked like walleyes right under the Hermans Landing bridge. That was in the later afternoon evening that they were out there. Crappies are around also. Heard the muskies were slow during the tournament, holding to the bottom. Goodluck and post how you do.
  3. I could make a 4" sunfish look like it could eat the world record muskie just by holding it closer to the camera
  4. If football gets 2 red flags why not let baseball have 2 red flags. There are so many missed calls or wrong calls in games and I am sure alot of those changed the whole game. The human eye can only see so much so why not if it makes the call right let a camera see it. Give teams 2 flags or even one flag a game, that if something happens they can challenge. But it might work better if they could have a penalty for getting the challenge wrong. Maybe adding a strike onto the next inning for their leadoff hitter or something. With the challenges the White Sox would have atleast played 1 or 2 more games this post season. And hey that is actually good for mlb right? Well maybe not good for a team that had 5 people show up to every home game for a long long time.
  5. It seems with all the lakes turning over, the vikes did it after halftime of the game against the pack. All they had to do was throw one long pass, and right when Dante threw the half time pass even uncompleted I told everyone in the room they will win the game after halftime. Because every pass dante has ever thrown this year seems to be the 5 yard max passes to the running back or te. I feel very sorry for Carolina next week because the vikings will roll through there with a win and they wont look back now. I dont know if every one noticed how Culpepper all the sudden started passing every pass over 5yrds and streached the defense out. So now the running game and those short passes would actually work. The vikes did not need to start 6-0 to win the superbowl this year. I will happily take 1-4, to a playoff berth and hopefully alot more. Love boat, ah that is what pro players do, have a fun time because they earned it. If I had millions I would party once or twice to. They just partied in a wrong area, and all of them weren't involved. Who in here has not went to one party? Who in here has been to a party that had one or 2 people do something wrong but you didn't? Everyone saying they would rather be doing this or that, I am glad I stayed and watched the vikes because that was an awesome win. GO VIKEZ.
  6. I am still cheering for the Vikes. If they get up on the Packers it will be one fun game to watch. The Vikes are just the hardest team to watch when losing, but one of the funnest teams when winning. So take the bad with the good and I will be cheering until the bad Culpepper shows up then I switch to another game and wish that qb was ours for the week.
  7. Vikes 38 Packers 14 Vikes MVP for the game, Pat Williams with 17 tackles, and Kluwe will again prove he is the best player the Vikings have.
  8. Brandon Backe Benito Baez Brian Banks Brandon Berger Brian Boehringer Brian Buchanon Brian Bullington Brian Bruney Ben Broussard Blaine Boyer Brian Bowels Brian Bohanon
  9. Even easier, the Cards will beat the White Sox in 4 so you wont even have to worry about anything
  10. In McCombs world he is the smartest person ever. He made a complete fortune of the Vikings and didn't care if it hit rock bottom. He had every positon messed up on purpose, so he didn't have to spend any money. Now Zygi has to try and rebuild the team from all the trash McCombs left. Luckily there is still talent there, but there are 3 things Zygi needs to improve. Get coaching that knows what is going on. Tice does not, a coach should not need multiple people working just to help him do his job. The running back situation is horrible right now. Get rid of the running backs you dont need and keep your main running back and his backup. And fix Culpepper, and if he cant be fixed see if you still have your reciept. It is not the Offensive lines fault, it takes 1.5-2 seconds atleast for the defensive line to get to a quarter back. And most the time he has alot more than just 2 seconds. That is more than enough time to take a quick 3 step drop and pass. And o by the way I will almost put a bet down that in the average time Culpepper has had atleast 2 of the Vikes recievers are open enough to catch the ball and not be in danger of an interception. Stop throwing to the running back, there are certain instances when that screen play works, dont use it 20 times a game. I dont mind that he uses the tight end, but dont use him on 3rd down well short of the first down. Here is a huge hint (Hopefully Dante is reading this ) Throw the ball or let someone else throw. We still have the team to win every game if we want, suprisingly. And it really is all on Dantes shoulders and very small hands. And if he cant handle the pressure there are 2 other quarter backs ready to play.
  11. When I first heard of Coco Crisp I had to take another look to see if it was real.
  12. Deitz I noticed the exact opposite out a week or 2 ago. All my fish that I was going for, pike and bass. Were caught on the sheltered side of the lake. About half the time was on the windy sides and half was on the sheltered sides. The windy areas had 0 fish and the sheltered sides had 5. And also all of these fish were on the South-East parts of the lake. Which is opposite of the other post. hm Very good stuff though I just wish I had more time to be out on the water. Maybe I will get out one more time around the metro and cast a few times.
  13. I asked about ice fishing on the Lake and have heard there is pretty much no ice fishing on this lake. Is it true you cant ice fish the lake, and what are the special regulations if you can? I have heard the sunfish are the only ones you can keep in the winter but that seems alittle strange to me.
  14. Thanks to all the help on here I got out for a hour or 2 and got a few crappies and a snake. The muskie tournament was going on so there were alot of boats out. Heard from alot of people that the muskies were slow.
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